Refund for excess rego paid to vicroads as rego for taxis has gone down from July 1,2018.

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Taxi operators/drivers of Victoria is starting this petition regarding refunds of the excess registration of their vehicles paid to vicroads. It is worth noting that Victorian government in pursuing of new regulations in commercial vehicle industry has decided to do away with the duty applied on cabs as a result bringing down the registration of vehicle by considerable amount. But the issue arises the taxi owners who have paid their registrations of vehicle at previous rates just before start of July. But from 2nd July 2018 new decrease rates apply but whosoever has paid few days before the start date of the new policy has ended up paying higher amount for whole year. It look discriminate in nature and the excess amount paid by the taxi drivers should be refund same as in the case of apprentice tradies who are given discounts in registration and vicroads are giving refunds of the excess amounts paid. We hereby on similar lines want the excess amount paid through registration of vehicles to vicroads. It is also to be noted that taxi drivers fall in low income group and discriminate of this kind may further alleviate their financial hardships. 

We request each and every community members to please support us in getting the refund from Vicroads.