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Neither the Greek Government nor the United Nations, nor the European Union nor the European Governments  have shown any response  or compassion to the human tragedy of the refugees on the Greek islands as well as in other refugee camps, especially Moria camp on Lesvos!
Refugees getting their right to freedom is irrelevant to the EU doctors and ambulances in emergency times who refuse to aid a hungry woman who is hungry and cold! Women, children, men, all left in the cold and most dirty circumstances of rubbish all over the camp. UNHRC is clearly failing!

Following text was originally published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

It is outdated but still applies to the sad reality and tragedy of refugees in Europe and worldwide!

Hesam's story below is just one of tens of thousands not to mention the thousands of refugee lives lost in sea...

Hesam was finally released april 4th 2018  after months of detention on Lesvos island and long suffering in hungerstrike that brought him close to death!

Hesam was transferred to Moria prison after he was imprisoned at the police station for about 80 days. Like other refugees in section B, Hesam was not allowed to use his cell phone to inform people about his transfer. In section B detainees are only allowed to use their cell phones once a week.

The Iranian refugee went in hunger strike also in  dry hunger strike. His request for asylum was rejected, state authorities wanted to deport him. In Iran he was a political activist and converted his religion. In Iran Hesam’s life is in danger. The EU asylum system doesn’t seem to bother the fact that Hesam’s life is in danger when he gets deported. The fact that Hesam has a medical report about his psychological issues and that his physical condition has worsened after earlier hunger strikes, did not stop authorities from keeping him in prison in the so-called EU “hotspot” Moria.

Arash Hampay wrote on his Facebook page that nobody was allowed to visit Hesam. Arash also wrote: “I had already experienced  being in political and dictatorships prisons in Iran. In spite of having political activity against the Iran regime  I had right to call and used my cellphone but Hesam without having any crime and just for claiming asylum was kept in prison without having the visiting allowance.”

Open the borders and end the persecution, imprisonment and deportation of refugees.



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