Reframe social distancing regulations for funerals and burials in Ontario

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My name is Daniella Speziale and I’m here to call attention to an unjust situation I feel that some people can relate to.

I recently just lost my Nonna(who died from unrelated Covid-19 causes) and due to Covid regulations our family isn’t aloud to have a normal grieving process. The regulation: 10 minutes in and out, no socializing and no loitering within the funeral home. The cemetery entrances will be closed off and only open to people who are on the list to be at the burial. A burial at a cemetery which is outside in open air, where people can easily stand the required distance apart yet they are only allowing 10 people, including the priest. So why do regulations allow people into a closed facility for 10 minutes to have a viewing? This is directly contradictory and in my opinion does not make sense. This is in no way directed at funeral homes, as it is beyond their control.

I find it extremely saddening that we can go to Winners, HomeSense, Home Depot, LCBO etc., with our families yet we are not allowed to be at a burial which would take place in an outdoor environment. These organizations are open to the public and have very light regulations within enclosed environments, yet people are being denied the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones. If public parks and outdoor recreational areas are open for people to loiter, relax, and sit in a painted circle while having drinks with their friends, I believe it is incredibly inhumane to deny people the right to attend the burials and funerals of their loved ones within an OUTDOOR environment. I hope no other families have to go through this and my condolences to anyone who has experienced this unfair act. 

I think the government has the duty to reevaluate their choices through this pandemic and really use their logic to determine what the word “essential” means instead of depriving families from seeing their loved ones who’ve passed. Out of respect of my opinion please don’t give me the response, “we’re doing everything we can”. I expect a response that gives me answers and facts to why this regulation/policy is still in place.

Rest easy in paradise Iolanda Capretta ❤
June 2nd 2020