Reforms for Schengen Visa’s with clear response that are simple

Reforms for Schengen Visa’s with clear response that are simple

13 October 2022
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Mette Frederiksen (Prime Minister of Denmark)
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Why this petition matters

Started by saransh sharma


The affected groups are applicants that are every year applying for a visa to different countries and especially to countries like the EU and US, where the rejection rate is higher. The affected groups are 

  1. War-torn countries 
  2. Relatives, couples and family members 
  3. Above 2) specifically living in third-world nations like India
  4. Future rejections may affect restriction in movement 

The bogus appeal system with no priority to resolve or reverse the decision stems from the fact that there is a need for a better appeal mechanism since there is a current delay of 9 months for re-appeal. The current visa system is depicted as "remote policing." by the agents and diplomats trained to protect countries' sovereignty. This not only limits and warrants damage to the applicant. The identification of applicants is skewed and has been reported by many researchers and academics since it's up to a single individual to decide whether to issue the visa or not to the applicant.

Hi, I am saransh Sharma applied for Danish Visa for a few days to visit my sibling and Sister in Law post-Covid. Tough times, and all three times, the visa was rejected, stating that there were reasonable doubts that I was willing to reside in the Schengen member state and had weak home ties to the country.

The embassy emphasised that. 

  1. I am young and have not established a family in my home country,
  2. I have a relatively new business
  3. I asked for only a few days of visa, and they sound like I am asking for one year or a residency. The probe they launched and used words like investigation says alarming in terms of personal identification and freedom of movement. 

The visa fee, around EURO 100, has to be paid in advance, you have to deposit your passport for 15 days, and you cannot make other plans due to all this, A problem many people like me face worldwide who are willing to visit friends and family and want to come back legally. Yes, some people are looking for easy entry but accusing people with unfounded facts that may not reflect reality.

I faced the emotional torture of if and then, and they sounded like they knew better about my personal life. When the last two rejections happened, I realised there was a bias that plagued the Danish Immigration Services while making a decision. 

My problem is, let us end the ambiguity. I wish the embassy and Danish system asserting statutes of clarity are hiding and creating a facade of unknown actors that are just playing with life, fine they have the right because they place themselves in such a system. Still, my response is, please provide “Clear answers to the rejection.”

I would like to know what was the real possible reason, and I don’t want to hear obvious stated reasons like I am young and single that I know.
Even though providing substantial documentary evidence proving ties, the embassy purposefully did not include the information in decision-making.
Provide a clear response stating that we think your “family could help you stay there, and please provide us in writing that if you overstay, we will not issue you a visa or revoke it once you come back.”
Who is going to repay the time and money? There should be a refund process for visa rejections.
Third-national individuals like me, coming from India, face this discrimination daily in countries like Denmark, where people like us work day and night to do essential jobs in their countries. Given India’s economic strength, why would someone who had made his work and life in this country want to immigrate there unless there is some particular reason? Danish people should end the narrative that the world is a single place when they cannot even let people enter to meet friends and family.

Please sign this petition so we can take this as an extraordinary writ to the Denmark court to provide. 

  1. Siblings and Extended Family members shall be added in the aliens act as close relatives and granting rights to travel.
  2. Removing India from the third group to 2nd group or 1st group.

Thanks all. 

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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Decision Makers

  • Mette FrederiksenPrime Minister of Denmark