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Dan Horn and co. must retract their false allegations and take down their slanderous video

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Dear Friends and all lovers of Truth, 

The Attention of the Board of Voice of the Christian Martyrs, Nigeria has been drawn to a video produced by one Dan Horn who claims to be an Elder of Reformation Baptist Church, North Carolina (USA) wherein our Executive Director, Rev. Isaac Newton Wusu was alleged (by some persons interviewed in the video) to be sexually abusing female inmates of Stephen Children Home (SCH), Abeokuta, Nigeria.

Firstly, it is appropriate to make it clear that allegations contained in the said video are all LIES AND THE HANDIWORK OF MUDSLINGERS whose hastiness for revenge did not allow them to provide a place for Rev. Isaac Newton Wusu to be heard as required under universal principle of fair hearing before putting their libelous material in the permanent form of video and going public with the same in the social media.

Notably, the characters in the video namely:
.i) Mr. Raphael Afolabi Okanlawon (a former employee at Stephen Centre Group of School Abeokuta)
.ii) Mr. Zingak Deshi (former Medical Officer at VOM Medical)
.iii) Mr. Bulus Sambo (former Centre Director, Jos)
.iv) Daniel Dogo Awayi (Parent of expelled student of SCI)
.v) Mr. Austin Akinpelumi (Dismissed contractor)
were persons employed by Rev. Isaac Newton Wusu to work for VOCM Nigeria either at the Children Home (SCI) Abeokuta or the Prosthetic Center in Jos Nigeria and individuals whose financial improprieties, insubordination or moral decadence caused them to be relieved of their positions by Rev. Isaac Newton Wusu with the approval of the Board.

The woman in the video, Mrs. Saude Daniel Dogo Awayi, is the wife of Daniel Dogo Awayi whose son, Emmanuel Dogo Awayi , was similarly reprimanded for stealing money from the office of Rev. Isaac Newton Wusu. Mr. Adamu Habila was a witness and advised us to return the ward back to his guardian and this case was reported to Mr. Awayi who advised that his son, Emmanuel, be retained for proper monitoring.

Mr. Austin Akinpelumi was invited from Jos to work as a carpenter at Stephen Centre Abeokuta, but rather engaged himself in nefarious activities and constituting nuisance around the community.

Thus, for these aggrieved persons to come together to form a common front to blackmail Rev. Isaac Newton Wusu speaks volume of their unremorseful antecedent. However, Dan Horn whom was brought to Nigeria by Mr. Jeff Annette - who came to help as a volunteer to develop the prosthetic laboratory in our office in Jos, ostensibly as a Christian Leader at the invitation of Rev. Isaac Newton Wusu - was misinformed and misled to believe their aggrieved stories and they unconscionably joined in the production and/or circulation of this damning libelous video without taking pains about the veracity of the content or having audience with Mr. Isaac Newton Wusu or the Board of VOCM Nigeria.

As a Board which supervises activities of VOCM Nigeria, we are deeply hurt at these negative reports and blackmail and therefore challenge Dan Horn, Jeff Annete and all individuals that featured in the video or now circulating it to come to the public court immediately with proofs of their horrible accusations and better lay their complaint with the Nigerian Police for investigation, particularly since sexual abuses are justiciable offences under the Criminal Laws of Nigeria.

Therefore, to all those offended by this unwarranted allegations, especially our donors, sponsors and others who in numerous ways have or are contributing to our operations, VOCM Nigeria hereby unreservedly appeal to you in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not to be dismayed. Our assurance to you all is that WE ARE INNOCENT AND SHALL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU.

Expectedly, a work of the size which VOCM is doing in Nigeria in supporting widows, rehabilitating lives and giving hope to orphans and the less privileged has exposed the organization to dangers and has equally attracted innumerable greedy detractors and Judases including those behind Dan Horn’s video who are unreasonably antagonistic because they were stopped from using windows and victims funds and resources provided for them as workers/partners of VOCM for their selfish purposes.

To VOM partners all over the world, we especially thank you for the help you have given to the victims and all of us in the past and regret whatever embarrassment Dan Horn’s video may have caused you.

As a responsible organization, we remain steadfast on what is right and shall dutifully and appropriately strive for justice in this matter which has in no small measure besmeared the reputation of VOCM.

Consequently, we hereby openly challenge Dan Horn and every individual involved or connected with his video to immediately come up with proof of their allegations or/and take down the slanderous video they have posted online to confuse and deceive well meaning citizens.


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