It is UNACCEPTABLE that pre-2008 Irish car owners are subsidising the road tax of "wealthy" NEW CAR OWNERS!  Sign this Petition if you agree.


You have the right to remain silent BUT we don't recommend it.

Demand that your TD initiates reform of this odious Road Tax Law.


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9000 Irish signatures required for ECI European Citizens' Initiative (ECI).


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1.6L Pre-2008 car tax is €514 (cc rated)

1.6L New car tax is typically €200 (CO2 rated)

Difference is €314 or 157% more tax demanded for older cars!

This odious law favours the wealthy who can afford new cars and penalises those who can not. 

It is a daft law! -  It is an unfair law! -  It is a grossly unjust law!

(The UK parliament refused to introduce this penal law in 2004)

It must be changed AND WITHOUT DELAY!.


The internet opens the door to Direct Democracy.

"You can vote now! - No need to wait for the next election!"

Change this daft Irish car tax law by signing this ePetition.



Ireland does not have a car industry. The Irish Government's artificial promotion of the purchase of new cars, by a daft tax bias, transfers €1.5 Billion of wealth out of the economy each year. €1.5 billion would support 20,000 Irish wealth generating jobs. (€15 Billion over 10 yrs). Who benefits from this regressive odious car tax law .... ?



1. Base Tax: for road use / upkeep, based on the value of the car (as per some US states - exemption for low value cars (less than $6000 US threshold) - annual NCT assures car safety of all vehicles on the road). 

2. CO2 Tax: based on fuel consumption per annum (CO2 emissions per Km x Kilometers per annum recorded at NCT tests x tax rate).

This would be a fairer, "progressive", car tax system. It would also meet the Canons of Taxation requirements.

(Ideally the car tax should be absorbed into the fuel tax. However, this would add 17c per litre to Irish fuel cost and those in border counties would pay no tax because they would "fill up" over the border - just another form of tax subsidisation.)



Taxation in civilised societies complies with Internationally accepted norms. These are called the Canons of Taxation.

Irish Car Tax Law DOES NOT COMPLY with the "Canons of Taxation":-

UNFAIR: Favours the wealthy who can afford new cars and penalises those who can not.

UNJUST: Lessens the freedom of those who cannot afford new cars - the less wealthy .. taking a greater amount of their disposable income.

UNEQUAL - Lower-income groups cannot afford the high penal annual road tax for basic personal transport mobility of travel to work, shopping, kids to school, medical services etc. Default can mean jail for the poor.

- NOT PROPORTIONAL: High value luxury car owners pay LESS annual car tax than owners of older lower value cars.

REGRESSIVE: LOW TAX on high-income earners (owners of new cars), yet HIGH TAX on low-income earners (owners of old cars).

UNJUST ENRICHMENT: High annual car tax on low-income groups used by Government to bail out private companies (banks)! 

LEGITIMATE EXPECTATIONS: To drive on Irish public roads for a fair, equal  tax.

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Free for all Irish road users to drive on Irish public roads, without some having to pay a penal annual road tax.

DEPRIVED OF PROPERTY: Not to be forced off the road by penal annual road tax and unable to use one's property (car).

CLIMATE OF FEAR: Free of fear of the law due to the burden of penal taxes. Fear of interest, penalties and jail.

VESTED INTERESTS: A tax bias that artifically promotes the purchase of new cars is driven by vested interests (Political Parties passing Pro-Lobby Laws not Pro-Citizen) and does not meet the wishes of the electorate.

Letter to
Minister for Finance, Ireland Michael Noonan
Minister for Environment, Ireland Alan Kelly
HQ. Labour Party
and 1 other
Secretary Dept of Finance. Derek Moran
I have signed a petition to reform the grossly unjust and unfair, penal car tax system in Ireland at:-


It is unacceptable that the wealthy who can afford new cars are subsidised those who can not (by pre 2008 car owners) in Ireland.

Pre 2008 car owners pay twice as much annual car tax (road tax) on average than new car owners - €444 pa v. €218 pa.

Only those who can afford to buy new cars get the lower tax rate, while many are forced off Irish roads or forced to break the law due to this penal car tax on pre-2008 cars. It is unfair and inequitable.

Ireland does not have a car industry so it should promote longevity of car life, not artificial promotion of the purchase of new cars by a daft tax bias, which transfers €1.5 billion of wealth out of the economy each year and is bad for Irish society.

The 2013 budget further penalises pre-2008 car owners with a 7.5% tax increase.

€915 is the annual tax on a pre-2008 2.2L car.
€280 is the annual tax on a NEW €35,000 equivalent car.

The Irish Car Tax Law is a bad law, an unfair law and a grossly unjust law.

It is a daft law and must be changed without delay.

At the next election I will vote only for TDs, Senators and MEPs, who support this ePetition and represent the interests of the electorate and not the interests of lobby groups.