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My name is Zachary Fishman, and I am a tenth grade student in Waterloo Collegiate Institute. I've always loved to learn, but have always hated school.

This is because schools don't teach.

Every kid in Ontario, or more accurately North America, wakes up with dread every Monday morning, dredging their way to the bus and riding along to the big gray education factory. There, each unique individual, all pegs of different shapes and sizes, is carved and morphed to fit into the same square hole. Individuality is drained, and obedience reinforced.

Obedience is valued over creativity, problem solving, and imagination.

The marking system rewards obedience, following orders exactly as they are told, above all else. Students with real talents are made to feel as if those talents are useless, unrealistic, and instead forced to read mediocre Shakespearean texts and solve parabolas. Arts and music need to be valued higher.

We are people, not robots.

While the world of robotics is working to make machines more and more like people, education is making people more and more like machines. Students are drained of individuality and tempered to perform simple tasks to a meticulous accuracy, but the natural human skills of problem solving, leadership, and creativity are only left to go stale.

My proposal:

The entirety of primary and secondary education needs to be reformed. The curriculum should include useful life skills, such as teaching students how to pay their taxes. Teachers need to undergo reeducation where they are taught to focus on passing on an understanding of basic concepts and to give less value to simple regurgitation of definitions. The marking system is by far the most flawed, and needs to be massively revamped to stop rewarding obedience and begin to reward creativity, problem solving, and leadership. Memorization of overly niche and/or specific facts should be limited ONLY to optional course. Examples of overly specific or niche things include the orthocenter in trigonometry and the names of different cells in biology. Finally, I propose that the levels at which classes are taught are instead changed to different teaching methods. Courses should not exist in the two forms of easy(Applied) and hard (Academic) as they do now, but instead as seperated classes for different learning styles. Students should be able to choose whether to attend a hands on, kinesthetic sort of class, a vocal and discussion prone verbal class, or a more watch-and-learn type of visual class like that which is currently implemented province-wide.

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