#Rape-not a women issue. #securityforwomen_notforVIP.

#Rape-not a women issue. #securityforwomen_notforVIP.

2 December 2019
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Indian Penal code. and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mayank Singh

Now a days our SUPREME court and Government held many historical decisions either it's Ayodhya verdict or removing Article-370  vis-a-vis JAMMU & KASHMIR issue.But our country is still facing some dangerous challenges including safety of our daughters, mothers and sisters.Almost every day we hear numerous number of news of rape and murder and still government is lacking behind taking a MISSION MODE approach to curb these criminal activities.

According to NCRB data for 2016,more than 4000 rapes per Indian state happend in India.

Again as per NCRB data 2017,more than 92.5% rape cases are pending before the district court.

Nirbhaya case after 7yrs still no judgement.

We as Human need to raise the issue in front of our government and ask for speedy reply and DEATH PENALTY for every rapist no matter of which caste,race.Government have to do something to punish these bastards.

We need #criminaljustice_reform rather than only economic-political reform 

Please sign & Support my petition if Ur in favour of reform in criminal justice and be the voice of our BHARATMATA and warn the rapist that they will be punished and create a fear among such antisocial elements.Shift in Mission mode to curb the issue.

#notourbeti #special_security_for_women_not_only_for_vips

#hangtherapist. #reforminjustice.

We as a responsible Citizens of India need to work with our government in harmonious relationship and together create a fearless environment.No more slogan we need quick action, no more statement we need justice, no more guilt or anger we need Justice.





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Signatures: 148Next Goal: 200
Support now