Reform For Felon's With Criminal Backgrounds

Reform For Felon's With Criminal Backgrounds

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Started by Kyle Chatmon

This petition is for United States Citizens that have criminal backgrounds. Being a Convicted felon, I have realized that we do not have the same equal rights as every other American. We are constantly battered due to our records, regardless of time or the changes we have made in our lives. Some of us do our best to make changes to become better citizens, but are neglected on many levels. The factors that hinder us the most all of our lives is housing and jobs. I understand why, but some laws should be illegal and less stringent.  The system is not designed to reform, but to cause failure. Everyone has a past, but they shouldn’t be ridiculed their entire life for it. Denying one a place to lay their head and a chance of employment, especially if one has reconstructed their life, is cretinous.   
How do these same people/companies expect to feel safe when they are denying changed people an opportunity to live and stay positive. You're a young man or woman that has a past from 10 years ago but still can't get a decent job. Even a year should be good enough. Not saying that a company shouldn't have requirements for employment, but it should be realistic requirements.  If felons can't work and find jobs or careers, they fall right back into the loop they were trying so hard to stay away from. Not to say there are no jobs and careers out there for felons but there are not enough and the types of jobs are very limited. Most companies that do take felons are filled.  
Example: Jobs for felons. Construction, truck driver, manufacturing, fast food, cooking and some good career opportunities, but most of the good ones are filled. Food for thought. There are a lot of people with backgrounds so when they do get into a good job they usually stay until retirement because they know how hard it was to not get per say but find that job.  
Jobs most felons cannot get. For the most part if it deals with going into someone's home or working with or around money. Felons are even blocked from getting certain licenses like electrician etc. 
Housing is absurd... A lot of homelessness is also due to not being quote on quote not eligible because of a felony. To not be able to get an apartment because one has a felony is not right. I do understand if it was for murder or rape, but everyone? Being a felon and not being able to rent a home is a heavy burden on many friends and families. If not then that person is homeless, in a car or paying extreme amounts of money for a motel room.  
Felons need to have the same rights as regular people in society so that they can re-enter/ transition normally. That helps the felon and their friends and family, but also helps society because it gives that person a real fighting chance. Without these changes people will continue to fall back into their old ways or worse. There will be no change or transition if this matter isn’t corrected. So please help to be the change that we need to make this world a better place for all of us. 

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!