November 1, 2022
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Started by Marissa Walker

My son was taken from me during one of the most traumatic times of my life. I was involved in a car crash that wrecked my car, thankfully I was able to jump straight into action and bring my son and I to safety while we waited for the ambulance. We were traumatized by the event, but thankfully we were unharmed. 

When the ambulance arrived they drove us to the local hospital and proceeded to make sure we were all cleared for discharge. Grateful that neither of us suffered any injuries I felt we were okay enough to walk to my apartment, which was only about 1.5 miles away from the hospital. What I didn’t see was the psychological state of shock I was in after the accident. It felt like I was going to die. Just a second before, I was driving and in the blink of an eye I lost my vehicle, and managed to leave everything behind with my baby and I both physically unharmed. 


Walking to my apartment put into perspective how much trauma had actually affected me due to the level of dehydration I was experiencing. I tried telling people what happened to me and instead of responding with care to see if there was anything wrong or if I needed anything someone called the police who responded as if I committed a crime. They immediately ripped my child from my arms and placed me in handcuffs without saying a word or why they responded with that much force. I started to panic and began asking where they were taking my son and they gave my very vague answers and blew me off as they placed me in the back of their car and proceeded to separate me from my child.

I was taken to the ER at a different hospital and placed under a 72-Baker Act while they had my 3 year old at their station (I later found out). They brought in a CPS worker to question me after 3 blood draws and no response to me asking profusely for water and my child. I was ignored when I asked to make a phone call to let someone know about my whereabouts and my child. They kept me inside the room for hours without communicating anything to me. I was in such distress I tried leaving which set off an alarm for them to have a team of people take me back to the room. It was as if no one would listen to me or tell me what was going on. 


At this time I did not know what a 72 hour hold was, which made it extremely inhumane when they would not tell me why I cannot make a phone call or see my child. 


They proceeded to draw more blood from me. At this time I still have not received anything to hydrate, which after any trauma, the body will begin to undergo extreme thirst. They placed me under several sedatives, while CPs began their paperwork to justify why they have my child in their custody even though I tried to tell them I need to reach out to the family to make sure someone can pick up my child. They deliberately made sure I could contact no one. They took all of my belongings and kept me isolated in a room talking to a CPs worker alone, traumatized, dehydrated and under sedatives. 


This was well organized as the time they scheduled the first hearing the next morning when my family member finally received the message of what happened, they were the only ones who could relay their version of the narrative, impeding lies and using heavy manipulation to coerce my family member into whatever they suggested to get my child back, but this happened all while I was sedated and asleep. This is how they managed to divide, isolate, and steal children from loving homes. I have been in this process now for almost two years and succeeded at everything they placed under their terms and conditions to regain custody of my child and they still are going out of their way to adopt my child out. 


CPS targets broken homes, low income families, and people they believe have no support to defend themselves due to the level of immunity they are granted to carry out this atrocity against humanity. I have had enough and many parents are too. Until we demand CHANGES by commissioning our local and federal leaders, nothing changes!

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Thank you.


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