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Politicians enjoy a lot of undue benefits in the Indian Parliamentary and legislative system.

We propose the following measures to cleanse the political system at one stroke.

1. A minimum three years of Post Matric/SSLC/SSC qualification must be compulsory for all aspirants of MP/MLA/MLC elections.

2. No life time pension for MP/MLA/MLC

3. No free tickets on Airlines/Railways/Buses. Travel expenses to be reimbursed by the government after the expenses are incurred and this facility to be available only during the tenure as an MP/MLA/MLC.

4. No free electricity, telephone during MP/MLA/MLC stay in accomodation provided. Expenses can be reimbursed after the bills are paid to service providers.

5. No Quotas in admissions to any educational Institutions and no discretionary quotas for appointments in departments.

6. MP/MLA/MLC should be eligible for only TWO Terms in office just like the President, Vice President of India.

7. No immunity to Governors of States in criminal cases

8. No person should be able to contest from TWO places for general elections in state or Central Elections just as no person is allowed to vote from two places.

9. As of now, Any person who is convicted and sentenced to more than two years of imprisonment is not allowed to contest general election. He/She should also not be allowed to canvas during election and no Parole should be granted during elections.

10. NOBODY who is undergoing imprisonment in Jails should be allowed to contest elections nor should be allowed to vote and nor should be given Parole during elections.

11. Those poltical parties who do not publish their audited books of accounts within six months of closure of financial year should not be allowed to contest elections and their recognition as a political party should be withdrawn.

12. All peoples representatives, like MP/MLA/MLC should relinquish all positions of power (even if they are honorary in NGOS, Societies, Educational Institutes, religious and charitable organisations) while they are holding the positions of MP/MLA/MLC. If a person is an authorised signatory on cheques and holds financial responsibility then that person's office should be considered as office of profit for this pupose and He/She should be barred from holding on to such positions as long as they are in the tenure as an MP/MLA/MLC.

In the interest of the this great Nation it is our Humble petition to see that these provisions are enacted as Law and India is cleansed of the dirty and corrupt practices once and for all.