Fix Defective Irish Constitution - Stop Evictions.

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The Irish Housing Crisis needs fundamental and extensive reform of the housing / building sector to deliver:-

- No Evicted Homeless
- No Rack Rents and
- Affordable Homes within the ownership reach of those on average incomes (€35,000 pa).

A Referendum is required to fix the defective Irish Constitution to put a framework in place (like Germany) to deliver affordable homes, both social and private, for ALL Irish citizens - (and ultimately ALL EU citizens ). Like Germany, this special provision for ALL Family Homes would not adversely impact on general property rights.


Family Homes are a basic need (Shelter) in the "Hierarchy of Needs" and "Essential to Life", like food, water, clothing, healthcare, education .. etc. Basic human needs should not be taxed.

Taxes on new Irish homes inflate the Cost of Build by 37%. VAT tax, alone, adds €28,000 to the price of new homes in Ireland. There is no VAT on homes (shelter) in the UK, France, etc... These Irish Government taxes and levies make basic houses un-affordable for ordinary average income earners. These artificially inflated house costs (due to Gov taxes) favour the Landlord Class and Vulture Funds who can off-set these high tax costs with tax breaks not available to the ordinary citizen.

Beziers, France: Starter Homes €160,000 (same size as Cork!)

Cork, Ireland : Starter Homes €230,000 - €70,000 more expensive!

Those on €35,000 pa pay the MaxTax of 40% to fund social homes and HAP (Housing Assistance Payments) but cannot afford to own their own homes.

The Family Home Referendum would amend and upgrade the defective Irish Constitution (to the German Constitution standard) to establish special status for Family Homes, WITHOUT ADVERSELY IMPACTING ON PROPERTY RIGHTS,  in order to provide a proper framework to deliver a sustainable supply of affordable homes for ALL citizens (both social and private), to solve the Irish Housing Crisis for all present and future Irish kids.


 (Young people on €35,000 p.a. on MaxTax of 40% fund HAP (Housing Assistance Payments) and social housing but are unable to afford to own their own homes.)


How Germany achieved stable & affordable housing for ALL groups in German society:


The Irish Parliament refused to pass a Bill that would give family homes a special status in the Constitution despite a recommendation from the Constitutional Convention.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he ”absolutely” believes that every citizen has a right to a home but expressed caution re enshrining it in the Irish Constitution. 

81 other countries around the world have enshrined into law the special status of Family Homes. 

The current Irish housing crisis requires a VERY RADICAL immediate action plan but the only long term solution for a successful Irish society into the future for Irish kids and their great grandkids is a

Referendum on "Family Homes Special Status" (to the German Constitution standard). 

------------ Cost of Build is the Root Cause - NOT SUPPLY - only a symptom  -----

The "Cost of Build" is the root cause the shortage of Irish housing supply, leading to the Irish housing crisis. The high Cost of Build is due mainly to Gov. taxes and levies. 

€76,000 (or 37%) is artificially added to the cost of a basic 3-bed semi home mainly by Gov tax/levies.

- Towards a "5 Star Ireland"


What a Change in the Irish Constitution would mean in practice:-

  • Lower "Cost of Build"- This is the root cause of the supply shortage.
  • Lower "Barrier to Entry" for small builders who could deliver 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 house projects because of reduced funding requirements.
  • "MaxTax" Taxpayers. Access to home ownership for those on average incomes (€35,000 pa) who are on the Highest Income Tax of 40% to fund HAP and social homes but have no access to those social houses or access to home ownership - unconstitutional.
  • No evictions by landlords on sale or upgrade of rented family homes - unlawful. Compensation where vacation is warranted by court, like other civilised societies.
  • First Refusal to Local Authorities for building land in and adjacent to urban centers at agricultural price + 25%.
  • Lower energy and lower infrastructural costs (water, waste, electricity, broadband, school transport, etc ...) Planning would have a proper legal framework balancing community and individual rights.
  • No sale of mortgages to vulture funds - unlawful. Occupier gets first refusal to purchase the mortgage at knock-down price.
  • CPO - Compulsory purchase of Land for housing like compulsory purchase of land for road widening .... common good trumps private enrichment at the expense of the community.
  • Only charge on a loan/mortgage is the asset - like US Law. You can hand back the keys -  US law places Equality of Risk Sharing between lender and borrower - No Debt 'till Death by EU Banks (legacy from 12th century European serf laws).
  • Mortgages based on "last selling price" + CPI (Scotland). No housing bubbles.
  • No Boarded-up or vacant houses : Private or Social - unlawful
  • Tax on "Life Essentials" like food, water, shelter (Homes), clothing, Education, Healthcare, personal transport  ... etc. - Unlawful
  • No VAT tax on new houses (basic need in the hierarchy of needs) like UK & NI  and all advanced democracies. Unfair regressive tax burden on first time buyers - unlawful. €28,000 VAT on new 3-bed semi - Obscene.
  • No Part 5 €5000 tax for social housing on first time buyers - - unfair regressive tax burden on first time buyers - unlawful.
  • No council levy of €10,000 on first time buyers? - unfair regressive tax burden on first time buyers - unlawful.
  • No LPT tax on Family Homes (shelter) like Italy. Shelter is a "Life Essential". The 2-Tier LPT Tax (LPT on Owner Families but no LPT on families in State provided homes) - unlawful
  • No hoarding of land to restrict supply to inflate price of land - unlawful.
  • No restricted zoning laws to restrict supply of land to inflate profits for owners - unlawful.
  • No "subjective" anti-citizen onerous non-safety Planner stipulations - unlawful.
  • No onerous non-safety building Regs adding €10K recently to price of homes - unlawful.
  • No ban on Bed-Sits ......... essential for some in society.
  • Rent certainty .. linked to CPI

€76,000 (37%) artificially added (mainly by Gov tax) to price of basic Irish House. Obscene.


Life Essentials should not be taxed: Food, Water, Air, Shelter (Homes), Clothing, Personal Transport, Healthcare, Sanitation, Education .....


Ireland - An Unjust Society - Judge Gerald Keys

Judge Gerald Keys “When I became a judge, I swore to apply the law. I may not like it or agree with it it and it may be unjust to me, but it is the law. It can only be changed by the people through their public representatives, but I am now being put in a position where I have to make orders that will make people homeless and I do not like that one bit.”

----------------- Fake TDs -----------------

"Fake TDs" are those TDs who do not represent your interests but their own interests, interests of lobby groups and vested interests and who take their instructions from party hierarchy under the "Whip System" operated in your Dail, rather than taking their instructions from you the Voters.

It is essential that the Irish bring their brains to the Polling Booths and do not vote for "Fake TDs" for the sake of Irish kids and their great grand kids.


Typical Irish home build costs.

Per Unit: Amount:

Site Cost € 50,000 .... daft .. Agricultural land is €9,000 per acre!
Build Cost @ €100 psf, Size Average 1,100 = €110,000 .. new technology needed to drive down this daft cost. Factory production modular building like cars, TVs, furniture etc required.
Roads & Infrastructure € 15,000
Utility Connections € 2,000
Legal Fees on Acquisition and Disposal, Marketing, Estate Agency Fees. € 6,000 ... self conveyancing law needed.
Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Consultants, Homebond and Stamp Duty. € 2,500 ... tax on life essentials unacceptable.
Part V Contributions to social housing € 5,000 ... should be from general progressive taxation.
Council Levies € 10,000 ?
Cost of Finance € 7,500

Total Costs €208,000
VAT @ 13.5% € 28,080

Sale Price €236,080 ( equivalent French starter home €160,000)

€76,000 ARTIFICIALLY added (mainly by Gov tax/levies) to price of basic Irish House.  Obscene.

Essential need for "Family Home Special Status" provision in the Irish Constitution.

************** A Social Media Experiment *************

This petition is my social media experiment, to determine if ordinary Irish  citizens can initiate social / economic / tax changes to eliminate gross unfairness and injustice in current laws for the benefit of ordinary hard working Irish (and EU) citizens, "who get up early in the morning", in which, clearly, their elected Fake TDs are not interested and couldn't care less. 

The petition objective is :-

  • to inform and enlighten voters of grossly unfair and unjust laws passed by your TDs, so that voters will in future bring their brains to the polling booths and force political policy changes to right the wrongs in the current Irish Tax Laws (i.e Motor Tax, LPT, VAT on new homes ...etc) and
  • to establish the Canons of Taxation as the accepted framework for fair and just taxation policy.
  • to empower themselves as taxpayers and
  • to Refuse to be Abused.

The Government has no money - it belongs to you the hard working taxpayer) 


Unstable, fluctuating housing market in Ireland, leaving many in negative equity, leading to evictions and homelessness, requires a fundamental Constitutional change to ensure Irish laws are consistent with delivering affordable (by one-average-income) homes (shelter is a Life Essential) for ALL Irish citizens (both private and social homes), their kids and grand kids into the future.

The root cause of the Irish housing crisis is due to the high "Cost of Build" due mainly to Gov. taxes and levies (37% of cost), leading to shortage of supply.  €76,000 is artificially added (mainly by Gov tax/levies) to price of a basic 3-bed semi Irish home. This is obscene.

Single income families and individuals earning €33,800 p.a. pay the high income tax rate of 40%, to fund HAP and to build "social housing", yet cannot afford to own their own home. It is €51,000 in UK.


Proposed FAMILY HOME LEGAL DEFINITION in the Irish Constitution:-

A Family Home is a basic need in the hierarchy of needs (shelter) and essential to life. All EU Family Homes should be Constitutionally protected to reflect this special status and provide a fundamental distinction from general property rights, superior to them, to ensure legislation is consistent with delivering “1-average-income” affordable homes for all groups in society (both private & social), without adversely affecting general property rights.

The German Constitution makes this distinction but it is absent from the Irish Constitution which is flawed and needs to be urgently upgraded.


 How Germany achieved stable & affordable housing for ALL groups in German society:

Germany has some distinct features that enables it to provide a plentiful supply of housing in response to increasing demand.

First and foremost, the German constitution contains an explicit ‘righ-to-build’ clause …this “means that everyone is entitled to a permission to build on his or her property as long as there is no explicit legal rule against it.

…if the proposed building fits into the plan, permission has to be granted and if the local authorities deny it then a court will enforce it…

Although there is very close control of what can be built on any site, provided it meets the requirements of the master plan, a developer just can get on and build new housing without seeking development permission.

The German court distinguishes between those property interests whose function is primarily or even exclusively economic, especially wealth-creating, and those that primarily serve a non-economic interest relating to the owner’s status as a moral and/or political agent - homes.

Only the latter are protected as fundamental constitutional interests. 

Stated yet another way, German constitutional law treats property as a derivative, or instrumental, value in the general constitutional scheme. It strongly protects a particular property interest only to the extent that the interest immediately serves other, primary constitutional values, in particular, human dignity and self-governance.

Essential need for "Family Home Special Status" provision in the Irish Constitution.


 -- No Regressive Taxes or 2-Tier Taxes or Any Taxes on Family Homes--

EU - European Pillar of Social Rights considers housing in its deliberations

Situation in the Member States
Directly enforceable rights to housing exist in a few Member States only, although provisions on the protection of the home appear in most national constitutions. Housing markets, regulations and support forms are very different but only a few Member States have a large social housing sector. Some forms of emergency accommodation are provided in each Member State, with usually separate mechanisms for asylum-seekers and refugees.

Significant differences exist across the EU in terms of shelter quality, coverage, capacity and support services. Homelessness has increased during the last decade in almost all EU countries and prolonged or recurrent shelter stays are common, yet only about half of the Member States implement integrated homelessness strategies. Shelter needs are especially high in countries receiving many migrants and/or refugees.
International dimensions

Various international provisions related to the right to housing and access to shelter apply e.g. the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; The Council of Europe’s European Social Charter and Revised Charter4 , the European Convention on Human Rights; the Convention on the Rights of the Child; the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Council of Europe's Istanbul Convention.5
The United Nation's sustainable development goals promote access to basic services and adequate, safe housing.

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