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If you believe that Mexicans, Hispanics and Transgender are people too, and deserve the same rights and protections as any other human being, then please sign this petition.  We all will be gratefull to you for having signed it.

On Thursday, June 25, 2015 representatives for Univision took a bold step and announced that despite threats from the almighty Donald Trump, they would no longer be broadcasting the Miss USA pageant after a series of Trump's recent racist comments about the Hispanic community. Shortly thereafter, Reelz Television wasted no time in bargaining for the franchise for what is alleged as pennies on the dollar. In what appears to be an effort by the network to disguise its support pf racism and bigotry, the CEO of the cable network, Stan E. Hubbard, defended his doing business with what others termed a racists by releasing the following statement: “The decision on the part of Reelz to acquire the rights to the Miss USA Pageant was based on our belief that this special event, and the women who compete in it, are an integral part of American tradition … The Miss USA Pageant is a perfect fit on Reelz where movies, entertainment and celebrity come together every day of the year.”

Would the world have ended if the Miss USA Pageant hadn’t been broadcast?

If the pageant is such an ‘integral part’ of the American tradition, then wasn't Mr. Hubbard echoing Donald Trump's remarks by saying that Hispanics are not American's?

And, if the Miss USA Pageant was so integral to the American tradition, why didn’t any other network offer to broadcast the pageant?

But it doesn't end there.

In March 2015 Jaymes Vaughan made similar prejudicially charged remarks about transgender women in the audience of a club in Las Vegas where he was Emcee. When Jaymes was confronted about the incident afterward, rather than apologize to the transgender women he persecuted, belittled and but still took their money, Jaymes Vaughan up and quit allegedly citing that his right to persecute others was protected by the First Amendment.  Not long after leaving, Reelz TV then suddenly replaced its long-standing Hispanic host, Alex Miranda with Jaymes Vaughan.  Jaymes is also making the rounds on shows like The Talk as their "Top Talker."  By the way -- what is a Top Talker?

Then, surprisingly — not long after this petition began circulating Jaymes Vaughan suddenly posted this statement on his profile on his TWITTER page, “Southern Boy from a Proud Interracial Family.”  Well that is nice to know Jaymes, does that mean you aren’t a racist ... just prejudiced against transgender women?

Fact is that appears that Reelz Television has become the new home for harboring racists and prejudice? And we are certainly not going to support anyone who supports racism and/or prejudice.  We are also not going to support anyone who underwrites racial and/or prejudicial activities. Simply, “WE DON’T DO PREJUDICE.”

Therefore, with the help of a great many Hispanic and transgender members of the community, together we have created this petition in an effort to advise Stan E. Hubbard that so long as he and Reelz Television continues to engage in personal and/or professional relationships with racist and/or prejudiced individuals, we will be boycotting Reelz Television – including notifying our cable providers that we do not want to see Reelz Television in our cable channel lineup.

You can do the same by signing this petition. We are sure you have a Hispanic, Asian, African American, gay or transgender friend that could use your support. By signing this petition, you would be doing one more thing to help show them your support and saying aloud:  they too are AMERICANS.

Thank you. And, your help sharing this petition would be very greatly appreciated.



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