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TV Programmes Airing Unimaginable Autopsys

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Maurice Gibb’s Autopsy being aired on TV Satellite and Cable Network

We the fans and most people know how Maurice passed over, a twisted intestine which brought complications to his health whilst he was in hospital in January 2003.  We lost great and truly inspirational of a man, who loved and lived life to the full.  Yes he was a recovering alcoholic; most of his fans knew this, but many will say his alcoholism and taking drugs is the cause of his death, a programme called Reelzchannel in the States are doing a program over Maurice Gibb’s Autopsy that seem to portraying this.  I can tell you now this is what I do not believe and I know it is not true. Maurice Gibb took a more healthy approach to his life after he gave up alcohol, so why would he want to pursue drugs?  I hate saying this about him, but to me when people who have taken drugs or alcohol turn a corner and lead a healthier life.

After all Maurice Gibb was a compassionate, inspirational human being wanting to make a change, why did he do a programme on alcoholism; I tell you, why because he wanted to make people aware of what this can do to a person’s life both publicly and privately.  He knew it was destroying both his life and his family’s life.

Now, years later Reelzchannel are going to air sordid details of what might have happened just by their research from various sources, I do know the Gibb family are not involved with this.  This programme is just degrading the good memories of Maurice and upsetting a lot of Bee Gee’s fans and fans of Maurice himself. 

This is why I am doing a petition for this programme not to aired.

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