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Lower Car Insurance For Younger Drivers !

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The issue of lowering car insurance for younger drivers is important not just to me but to many people I know my age which is 18 years old, who I know will sign this straight away. The price of insurance is a complete rip off for people my age. This is mainly due to the way the premiums are calculated for young drivers.

Personally Ive had to save for years to be able to pay my first year car insurance off annually as this is considerably cheaper than paying it monthly which they seem to base this off of admin charges. Most people my age are finding themselves short of money each month mainly due to having to pay such a large insurance price to be able to drive even the lowest end of cars which half the time are worth 10 times less than the insurance price costs.

This is putting people at more risk of driving with no insurance on fake plates as people cannot afford to pay it, this is also putting mainly younger drivers at risk of not being able to commute to work and college effectively due to public transport also not being able to cope with the amount of people using it.

This is mainly due to the way premiums are calculated. I live in a urban area which isn't really known for many car crashes or crimes. However upon getting quotes from insurance brokers it costs me £497 more to live where I do than living 5 minuets down the road which is considered/classed as a rural area. This to me seems totally unfair and I don't really see the difference as theres rarely any car crashes near my area anyway this is the same all around the country they calculate premiums based off the area your living in and even where you work. This is just one example.

Younger drivers might seem more of a risk but usually a large majority of younger and newer drivers do not crash in their first year, mainly due to driving more sensible and being paranoid about upsetting their telematics box fitted which could bring me on to another issue of these boxes being called "optional" but they really are not unless you have £6000 to pay straight up to drive without one meaning that they are actually really proprietary. Proving that this is really more of a con than we all thought as black boxes really do not save much money for anyone anyway but they do have some use.

Insurance prices are also based off of how old your car is and how many crashes have been reported in your particular vehicle not how much of a risk you are personally. Many will agree that the way its calculated needs to be changed as soon as possible before people start preforming illegal acts which is what it will boil down to.

Most if not all would agree that the prices should be lowered to make it more affordable for the working person especially younger ages. Its getting to the point where people cannot afford to drive and live which would eventually have a larger effect on industry etc. Everyone Ive ever spoke to agrees that insurance went from being something that covered you and other parties in an accident, to being a large way to con people out of money which is what it has become as prices are increasing again and again.

Ive created this to hopefully obtain enough signatures to reach out to the main insurance brokers and dealers to tell them that its getting to a point where people are struggling, they don't seem to want to listen to any complaints Ive made. Its likely they will not care no matter how many signatures I get but please take a few moments to help this case and something might eventually change. Thank you.

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