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       Redwood High School Band's fall/summer 2018 practice schedule is over the top and frankly too much. As of now, we are set to practice at band camp this summer for 12 hours per day for 6 consecutive days, which is on our break that is supposed to be time AWAY from school. In addition to those 72 hours, brass and woodwinds have 3 hours practices once per week every week between band camp and the start of school. Even more, twice per week, everyone in the band will have 3 hours of rehearsal after school, which takes away time for doing homework and exhausts the kids. On top of that, the entire band will have two more of these 3 hours rehearsals for special events, and on Saturday, August 25th, Saturday, September 8th, and Saturday, October 27th we will have more rehearsals, except these are also 12 hours long. All of these put together makes for a grand total of 148 hours spent away from home and family, while these kids should be free to enjoy their summer vacation and not be forced to practice for band.

       Another issue that arose in the changing of band directors is Jazz Band. Mr. Jordan Ray will not allow students to enroll in jazz band unless they participate in the entire marching band season with the grueling practice schedule listed above. Some students purely have a passion for jazz music and the culture behind it, and some students only have room for either jazz band OR marching band and would prefer to take jazz because of their love for jazz music. However, neither of these students will be able to participate in jazz band, because they won't be able to participate in marching band. Students should not be FORCED to practice marching band for 148 hours to be allowed to just try out for a group that they really have a passion for, and it's plain wrong. Some students don't have room in their schedules to march AND play in jazz band, and this is not a justifiable reason to force them to be in 90-100° heat for 148 hours, playing instruments and maintaining perfect posture the whole time.

I truly hope this petition and message is seriously considered by Mr. Matt Shin, Redwood High's principal, Visalia Unified School District, Mr. Jordan Ray and Redwood Band Staff.

 Signed with hope,

Anonymous Redwood Band Student


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