Reduction weight of school bag

Reduction weight of school bag

4 August 2022
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Principal (Garden High School)
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Why this petition matters


The Principal,

Garden High School,

318, Prantik Pally Rd,

Rajdanga, Kasba, Kolkata,

West Bengal 700107

Respected Madam,
We are submitting this petition out of our concern about the excessive weight of student’s school bag. It has been established from multiple studies that excessive weight of school bag can lead to multiple health hazards. We have time to time noticed that the school bag weight of our wards varies between 10 kgs to 12 kgs which is much above the standard weight prescribed by the expert. It has been found that school bag weight of a student of class VIII should not be more than 4 kgs. For class IX and X it should be approximately 5 Kgs. It is also found that student school bag weight should not be more than 10% of their body weight. Sometimes they need to carry that bag all the way to 2nd to 4th floor. 
Long term effect of these could be like shoulder mussel damage, problem in spinal cord, back pain, tendency to lean forward as to balance the weight, also restrict normal flow of blood. 
We as guardian are really worried about our children’s health and so do the school we believe. Our request if you please take immediate appropriate measures as to reduce the weight of school bag by carrying less no. of books, may be keeping the copies in the school sending required once in a month/week as to check and sign by the guardians, may be by sharing the books and stationary then everyone need not to carry all at once. But end of the day should result in maintain the school bag within permissible limit. 
Dear madam we are really looking forward that school will understand our concern and will take necessary steps forward to address the issue on immediate basis.


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Signatures: 67Next Goal: 100
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