Reduction & Elimination of non-reusable plastic Cups Usage in Pan-Asia International School

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The public awareness regarding the issue of plastic waste and the negative effects it has on the environment in Pan-Asia International School is a great thing. However, simply raising awareness is not enough. It simply isn't. We need to take action, and we need to bring forth tangible results; results that will only stem from changing. It is with this in mind that we are proposing that PAIS switch from using plastic cups to biodegradable ones instead. PAIS still uses large quantities of plastic materials in both the Orange Shop and the Coffee Corner. We need people who are motivativated and are able to develop this project on a larger scale. One of the goals of this project is also to get the younger generations in PAIS to realize the mistakes of the past so that they can learn from them and avoid them. 

Please consider showing your support for our initiative by signing this petition that—with your help—can, and will bring about change that will positively affect our local and global environment.