Reduce Working Hours for all employees in INDIA and Ensure Compliance #40HourWorkWeekIndia

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Many Indian Companies are exploiting our country's weak corporate employee working hour policies. Most Indian companies make their employees work for AT LEAST 9.5 to 12 hours or more daily and sometimes even 6 days a week, especially MNCs and private banks. This is due to a common mindset that more working hours means higher productivity for the company, but in reality, it only means faster employee exhaustion. Most employees after working for 10 hours or more a day and traveling to workplace from home and vice versa for at least 2 hours daily, hardly have any strength left in them. Most people also suffer from health problems due to these long hours. We, the employees, can't spare time for our families (except the weekends on which we are already too exhausted), cannot focus on our mental or physical health or even participate in social activities. The government has asked all Indians to contribute and work together towards the social welfare of our country. Employees cannot find time for this due to their company's working hours and even if they do, they are too exhausted due to increased workload to take part in it.

Recently multiple studies have shown that working for longer hours severely affects the physical and mental health of employees, especially those seated continuously. Sitting is considered as the new smoking. HRs are at end of the day are still employees on the company's payroll and therefore would never go against the company. They exist simply to suppress any complaints against the company. They should be called CRs and not HRs.

There are many foreign countries that have much lesser working hours but still have much higher productivity. For Example: Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands etc. are some countries with lower working hours but high levels of employee productivity.

We need to form strong working hour policies that clearly state that no company in India, Public or Private, can make its employees work or keep them in its premises for more than 7 or 8.5 hours daily which includes scheduled breaks and for not more than FIVE days a week. This should be applicable for all Indian employees employed in public and private sectors. Also, Employers should not be allowed to ask employees to work past their official working hours. Employees should also be given the work from​ home facility, especially female employees during certain days and disabled persons.

Employees should be able complain against their companies without having to reveal their identities and losing their jobs.

If this is implemented this would make the companies hire more staff to get the work done, which in turn raises employment levels in our country.

More importantly, I request you to impose strict punishments on those companies that Violate / Break these rules, like being banned from conducting business or being made to pay an extremely high fine amount.