Reduce tonnes of food waste in KLM airlines

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Did you know that if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases?

“Would you like chicken with pasta or beef with rice?” If you choose chicken, what happens to the beef? 

KLM proudly asserts to succeed in serving 55,000 meals to the right passengers every day, satisfying their needs and choices. But how many meals end up in a landfill because they did not get chosen? KLM has recently decided to provide pre-flight information about the meal options online, increasing passengers’ sense of informed choice. Nonetheless, choosing your meal before the flight remains an option most customers remain unaware or uninterested of. 

Why not, as part of the check-in processdemand passengers to choose their meal, whether it be chicken or beef, vegetarian/vegan, lactose & gluten-free? This simple button that would enable us to choose our meals beforehand is beneficial in numerous ways:

- Further increased freedom in choice— passengers can take their time in their choice, without feeling obliged to answer spontaneously as the crew passes by with their food cart.
- Reduction of fuel usage due to carrying less food on board.
- Most crucially, reduction of environmental burden due to wasted food.

All of these benefits result from a simple, effortless request to select our meal choice as part of the check-in. Passengers would make the same choice that we otherwise would make on board, but now, at home. This addition will further ensure us, consumers, that the statement on KLM’s website, that sustainability is at the core of KLM’s every practice, is indeed reliable. 

We had struggles in getting KLM to seriously consider creating this change. Therefore, we seek to demonstrate to them that it should be their priority. Your signature will demonstrate to KLM that their potential passengers indeed care about food waste and the environment.

Lastly, as KLM is such a respected company, we hope that this change will make KLM lead other airlines by example.