REDUCE the Speed Limit on Streets Ferry Rd to 45 MPH

REDUCE the Speed Limit on Streets Ferry Rd to 45 MPH

August 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tyler Morgan



Streets Ferry Road is one of several roads providing access to Vanceboro, NC. Many West Craven residents travel Streets Ferry Road daily for access to and from New Bern and other parts of Craven county. It is also frequently used by commercial trucks. School buses commonly travel Streets Ferry too, taking students to and from West Craven High School - located on Streets Ferry Road - and other local schools. The majority of Streets Ferry Road is 55 MPH, with the exception of the school zone at West Craven High School and approximately the first half mile of Streets Ferry from its intersection with US-17. The road is two lanes for two opposite directions of travel. It is not separated by a median. Much of Streets Ferry Road is residential.

History of Fatal, Serious Car Wrecks

To those who live on and travel Streets Ferry Road, we see and hear how dangerous traveling it can be. From head on wrecks, single vehicle crashes, dangerous passes in no-pass zones, Streets Ferry Road has become unnecessarily dangerous for drivers because the speed limit is too high for this road. 

There have been numerous wrecks on Streets Ferry Road without an existing news article. The following are examples of the most serious wrecks. 

REDUCE the Speed Limit to 45 MPH
The speed limit on Streets Ferry should be immediately reduced to 45 MPH in the current 55 MPH zone for the following reasons:

  1. Traffic has steadily increased in recent years, including large commercial trucks. More traffic increases the risk of more wrecks. 
  2. There is a history of fatal and serious car wrecks. 
  3. Bends in the road in certain places makes passing extremely dangerous. 
  4. Large portions of the road is residential. 
  5. West Craven High School is located on Streets Ferry Road. Many buses from West Craven and buses from other local schools travel the road daily during the school year. 

For the above stated reasons, it is no longer safe for the speed limit to be 55 MPH on Streets Ferry Road. One life lost is too many. By reducing the speed limit, the probability of fatal wrecks and serious injuries will decrease.  Travel time will not increase substantially. Arriving alive is always more important than travel time. How long until your mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, family member, or friend is hurt or worse because of the 55 speed limit on Streets Ferry? It is time to take action NOW!

Tell your experiences and stories with Streets Ferry Road in the comments. Please share with your friends and family. 

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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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