Reduce the speed and safety for the community in our street (Veivers Road Palm C

Reduce the speed and safety for the community in our street (Veivers Road Palm C

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Started by nicholas Salt

After helping a 90 year lady who was knocked over by a speeding car, after leaving  a bus. I started to feel annoyed with the Cairns Council lack of care for my community. With the typical lucklustre conversation from the council, after I called up, I started to feel angry at their lack of resposibilty. These are people we the rate payer pay to make our road and place safe. 

I started to gather up all the horror stories from neighbours and the local businesses. Veivers Road naturally falls from the highway to the beach with a steep blind decline, and currently has a speed limit at 60km/h. On any given time of the day most cars accelerate from the highway and often watch cars travelling close to 80 plus km/hr. 

Outside my hotel is a bus stop, with no pull off areas for the buses that drop off the tourist and elderly residents, with no shoulder , or crossing, its a total death trap just waiting to happen. From the bike track on the Highway it attracts a large number of walking people , to include bike users , electric scooters and even daily elderly people in disabilty scooters traveling down the road to the beach area. I watch tourists from the number of holiday let hotels all walking down the street on the road as there is no footpaths or means of safe passage . Daily I see dozen of heavy service laden trucks and council trucks, and heavy rigid buses , SUV , loaded utes and cars , all speeding up and down over the ridge beyond the speed limit . On wet days, I hear them when they hit the crest and often hear the skidding wheels as they try to pull up in time on the decline. Both the bike and utes doing wheelies up the hill , with the hoons treating the slope like a speed ramp. I am aware of the staff at the tavern having to tolerate the deafening reverberance from these road users. 

After my conversation with a member of the council, they agreed its been a  problem for years and the council is aware of the danger, but he also said we do need to accept that road users have rights too . Thats where I now object to the Cairns Council lack of care for us the rate payers and our community. Too often has this council stood back and done nothing. 

What I propose is a pedestrian crossing for the bus users , I want traffic to be slowed down to a safe speed for both people and vehicles and the road to be treated as shared use , as it currently is being used as. 

The council could add a roundabout (at Bursa street ) as they have done in other situations like Trinity Beach, which forces the vehicles to slow down before they hit the blind decline.  (there is plenty of examples on all the others on level beach roads) This road , is not only servicing  more people and pedestrians , it also has a dangerous blind decline. 

Note the photo , that not a footpath that a shoulder that the bus uses with the trucks , that lady with a pram and child is walking to use the bus (frightening )

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signed Nicholas Salt 



29 have signed. Let’s get to 50!