Reduce Student Debt and Empower Small Businesses

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Are you struggling with student debt?  Do you have family or friends struggling with student debt?  The $1.6 trillion student debt crisis is crushing millions of Americans and stifling our economy. 

Small businesses struggle to hire and retain talented employees.  While larger enterprises may be able to make payments towards their employees’ student debt, small businesses are often unable to provide this employee benefit.

The Small Business Advocacy Council strongly supports the Employer Participation in Repayment Act.  This student debt reducing, small business empowering bill will allow businesses to make annual payments of $5250.00 towards their employees student debt tax free. Small business owners can also take a deduction for these payments, making it much easier for small businesses to make these payments.     

This commonsense legislation has 61 bipartisan cosponsors in the Senate.  However, we must move this legislation out of the Senate Finance Committee and onto the Senate floor.

By adding your name to this petition, you can directly urge Senator McConnell, Senator Schumer, Senator Grassley, and Senator Wyden to pass this legislation out of the Senate Finance Committee and then the Senate.  You can also let the entire United States Senate know how important this issue is to you.  Recently, Senator McConnell and Senator Schumer cosponsored the Employer Participation in Repayment Act.  Enough Senators have cosponsored this bill to make it filibuster proof.  Let's keep this momentum moving!

Let’s all demand Washington politicians take a timeout from their partisan bickering and move this legislation forward.  It will make a real difference for those saddled with student debt and the small business community.