Reduce Speeds on Willowherb Road

Reduce Speeds on Willowherb Road

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Rachael Hunt started this petition to Gardiner-Theobold Consortium and

In late 2017, local residents and I raised the issue of speeding along Willowherb Road with South Gloucestershire Council.

Speed checks have since been conducted on Willowherb Road next to School Square, with one check capturing the average speed as 34mph.  This is a significant difference to the speed limit of 20mph.

These speeds are very worrying, particularly now the primary school and community centre are open and with plans for the nursery currently under consultation.

The speed calming measures currently installed on Willowherb Road are evidently not having the desired impact on speeds.  The raised tables next to the school are shallow and barely noticeable and the wide sections of the road fail to slow traffic.

We have received assurances that improvement plans are being drawn up for several months, but these plans have still not been submitted by the developers and with the nights drawing in once again, concerns are increasing further.

Various ideas have been floated by myself and local residents, but this petition does not suggest what solution(s) are appropriate.  It simply aims to call for well-researched and safety-audited improvements to be made to bring down speeds to a safe level.

Willowherb Road has not yet been adopted by South Gloucestershire Council, so my understanding is that the responsibility for the upgrades currently lies with the Gardiner-Theobold Consortium of Lyde Green developers.

Please sign this petition to show your support for getting improvements installed soon to keep our local residents, particularly children and older people, SAFE.

Thank you,

Councillor Rachael Hunt

Emersons Green Ward (covering part of Lyde Green)
South Glos Council & Emersons Green Town Council | 07860181315

A few additional notes:

Local residents and I have been speaking to the industrial units in Vertex Park to reduce issues and concerns with industrial related traffic along this road.  This work is still in progress.

Concerns with Jenner Boulevard have also been raised with me by residents.  This petition seeks to prioritize the call for improvements to Willowherb Road due to the proximity of the facilities off School Square, but work to ease concerns on Jenner Boulevard will also continue.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!