Reduce Speed Limit to 20mph on Epping Forest Roads

Reduce Speed Limit to 20mph on Epping Forest Roads

4 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by carina powney

The  AA and The Badger Trust are currently campaigning for more awareness to reduce wildlife deaths around the roads of the UK.

Around Epping Forest our wildlife is killed on a daily basis on our roads. This can at times be unavoidable but the simple fact is we have too much traffic with too many cars driving too fast. With little or no local veterinary provision available for these animals they're often left to die alone and in agony - frequently, the only aid for these animals is from local volunteers who go out at day and night at their own risk. 

Our biodiversity is in global free-fall, with the UK being one of the worst places in the world for biodiversity decline because we simply haven’t given it the respect it deserves. Meanwhile the roads across our country are littered with the corpses of neglected dead wildlife on a daily basis. Epping forest is a rich habitat of wildlife which we have divided with a busy road network and it’s time our authorities start taking responsibility for the situation we now find ourselves in.

We are asking for road speeds to be reduced to 20mph around and through our forest which will greatly reduce wildlife vehicle collisions whilst making the roads a safer place for all of us. Speed limits of 20mph have been successfully implemented in many areas around the country for public safety - following the loss of several human lives in recent times we believe the lack of action by our authorities in addressing these accidents on our own roads, despite many calls from the public previously, to be absolutely irresponsible.

Please take action now for:

• Less accidents
• Safer for wildlife
• Less human tragedies
• Better for the environment
• Less noise pollution 
• Less anti-social driving
• Less traffic
• Less emissions
• Less fuel consumption than accelerating and breaking on short roads.


This petition is supported by:

The admin team of the Epping Forest Wildlife Conservation Group,
The Volunteers from Deer in Danger who go out and help wildlife in distress and see the trauma these accidents cause.

The following district councillors also support this petition:
Councillor Simon Heap
Councillor Cherry McCredie
Councillor Steven Neville
Councillor Chidi Nweke
Councillor Dave Plummer  
Councillor David Wixley 

Photo by Paul Abrahams Ginger Wildlife Photography 


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Signatures: 453Next Goal: 500
Support now