Reduce Tuition For Ontario Universities & Colleges and Extend CESB!

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Dear Ontario Universities & Colleges,

It is such a great shame that students are not able to attend classes on campus during the fall semester. Thousands of students are excited to start their new year and make unforgettable experiences. Due to COVID-19, we are not able to receive the full University and College experience as we have hoped for. For students who are new visualize University/College sitting in big lecture halls, forming connections with their professors, joining clubs, and connecting with new students. They will not be able to explore the campus, clubs, lectures, or meet new people. Therefore, paying the full tuition fee is unreasonable. 

As we all know, attending University/College is costly. With the pandemic affecting jobs, it is hard for students and families to pay the full tuition amount for the academic year. This situation is much more difficult for students who are in the position to pay for their fees and to find employment. Students rely on employments during the summer to receive a source of income, thus the government should provide students with another month or two of CESB. OSAP/government loans do not provide all students with money, only those whose parental income is low or is below the threshold set. This will allow them to be able to pay for university textbooks, and supplies. 

With all that being said, Ontario schools should look into cutting down the tuition fees until COVID-19 is resolved. Students are paying to be able to sit in a classroom and listen to the professors face-to-face, to do labs that are not online stimulators, to be apart of discussion groups, are able to use the resources & technology provided at the school, etc. Having classes moved online is a disadvantage to some students causing it to be un-beneficial for their education. We believe that students should only be paying full tuition for the full University and College experience. 

Lastly, with having classes online, the class sizes are increasing. Professors are also impacted by this change since they are not receiving a pay raise as the courseload is being doubled; they should be accommodated for all their extra work.

Please take into consideration and think about the students and families who cannot afford the fees during this time, the students who are not being benefited by having online classes, and professors who are not being paid for their increased workload. It would be appreciated if some extra help was given to unemployed students for paying tuitions as well as buying textbooks and school supplies. 

Thank you, 

Students across Ontario. 

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If you would like more information regarding this situation, please read this article written by the Ottawa Citizen! :)

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