Reduce Income Tax and Council Tax for State Pensioners

Reduce Income Tax and Council Tax for State Pensioners

14 November 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by stephen rhodes

Where is the Justice - by a Disgruntled Pensioner

Communicating with likeminded retirees, we must conclude that the current government cares little for the older generation and continually fails to support us financially despite our having paid taxes all our working life in the mistaken belief that we would be supported with a state pension that would enable us to live without fear for lack of heat or food.

Sadly, this government prefers to use the UK finances not on the deserving but by sending every child to university thereby getting better educated McDonalds staff, and a shortage of skilled workers. Paying 1.19 million unemployed while there is a desperate shortage of NHS workers and care staff. Or actively encouraging asylum seekers to come to UK by giving them free hotel accommodation and food, that can only be desired by actual legal UK state pensioners.

Now it is time to do something ourselves, regardless of political party, we will vote for which candidate does something to improve the financial position of us the retired people dependent upon, a reducing State Pension. We have worked all our lives, seen our families grow. educated our children and nurtured them until they leave home. We have paid all the various government taxes and despite hardships had a plan of a comfortable retirement in our twilight years. 

That was the “Dream”. The reality is totally different. Many of us are struggling to live.

With all prices rising, for the basic items needed to just survive, for some the choice is between Heat of Eat!    How can this be right?

 A reason is that despite being retired I am still paying basic Tax when, people on benefits get everything for free. Why?

What I want to see is a sliding scale of a reduction in tax for people of pension age and over. 

We are unable to increase our finances at our age due to possible infirmities and mobility. Therefore, a tax reduction in basic income tax to 10% or lower, again for retired people of state pension age, would be a vast benefit.

This reduction in basic income tax should also apply to the Council Tax system.

Younger families with possibly both parents employed, are using all the services financed with council tax. We the older generation are using most of the services less or not at all. Yet we with less money available we are paying the SAME as those able to take full advantage of those services, being financially subsidised by us with less money than they have available to them. 

Council Tax should change to take our ages into account when calculated.

Also, we are now being told that the “Triple Lock” for next year is being considers scrapped!!

So, what can we do to change this?

We the retired, over the state pension age are 22.5% of the people in this country and I suspect that many of them are conservative party members.

We are a significant group of people who make up a large proportion of the vote. 

Indeed, we in this age bracket are most likely to turn out to vote having seen our way of life eroded and getting more difficult as we are getting older and remember what life in UK used to be like, when the older generation was respected and valued. Not cast aside.

Our large age group of 22.5% when massed together would be able to sway the vote for the political party candidate that has policies - and promises to transform life for us, the retired of UK. They should be concerned; it is time for us to rise and demand change.

Could this be you!  But will you help us?

An increase in State Pension and a decrease in Income Tax would help all retirees and thus enable people to retire earlier, thereby freeing up employment opportunities for the younger generation to fund these changes.


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Signatures: 512Next Goal: 1,000
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