Reduce A259 Pevensey Rd .speed limit, move bus stop’s and install speed cameras

Reduce A259 Pevensey Rd .speed limit, move bus stop’s and install speed cameras

7 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Concerned Resident

Good morning residents of Sovereign harbour/ Pevensey residents 

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sign a petition that involves local traffic concerns.

I have recently sent a letter to our MP, Caroline Ansell, whilst I don’t want to get involved with politics. I am very concerned that there will be a fatality sometime soon.

If you have any comments to make I would be grateful if you could pass to me so I could make notes going forward.

Problems are:-

Speeding- all hours of day, particularly bad at night, where races occur.

The noise pollution is extreme

We cannot get details of number plates due to lighting/ speed, and are usually laying in bed in anti social hours.

When contacting the police non emergency line at anti social hour’s. You can be on hold for 15-20 minutes just to receive a crime number and no action taken.

Importantly there are bus stops In a 50 mph zone in a residential area of A259 seaside rd a2021/ Whitley rd Eastbourne. (From Asda turn off at crumbles to pevensey high street.

It’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed trying to get to the bus stop on the other side of the rd, used by children and the elderly. A driver may kill themselves or others swerving local wildlife as there are rural fields to the left of the rd (heading towards Pevensey) 

There was a recent skid investigation in this area. Pevensey side (seen when travelling to work) and complaints have been made by other residents with regards to speeding along this rd.

We would like to pursue a pedestrian crossing, change in speed limit, move the bus stops and put in speed cameras . It would make sense to make the pedestrian crossing and bus stop at the public walkway through the Stratton estate  or park area as s this is where people walk through or the park /rec area.- any suggestions welcome.

I have contacted East Sussex county council online with regards to this area and it has been identified as a “identified crash site” approx. 2019 prior to our residential homes being built. This is now a built up area with pedestrians, pets, children etc. 

From Pacific house area to the Holy Trinity church area there have been 9 slight accidents and 3 serious according to crash map.

The  bus stops are school allocated bus stops and there is a serious risk to users trying to get to them. 

Yours sincerely, 

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Signatures: 145Next Goal: 200
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