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Reduce £500k annual handout to Ex-Prime Ministers

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More than half a million pounds were handed out in total to all living EX-Prime Ministers as "public duty costs", totalling at £538,067 from 2016/17, which was revealed on the 25th September 2017.

The average salary of someone in permanent employment is around £26k. For someone who no longer has a job in Parliament, to receive nearly 5x this amount despite many having current jobs is ridiculous. 

Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister got a £114k chunk out of this despite not being a former Prime Minister. He already has a job as a columnist in the i-Paper. This handout is up 12.8% from 2015/16.

More than a fraction of EX-Prime Ministers have jobs on top of this ludicrous payout. Tony Blair, for example, is being paid at £115k a year, and is known to already be running a Consultancy Business, and his personal fortune is estimated at £60 million in 2015.

This could go to fund firefighters, police, the NHS or other underfunded areas.

The UK government constantly claim that they cannot afford to fund the NHS as they used to, and yet this is one of the many examples of public spending that they don't extensively tell you about.

With our citizens homeless, our disabled people mistreated, and our social welfare severely underfunded, this "public duty cost" is extortionate and needs to be reduced if not removed from our Cabinet Office funding completely.

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