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Petitioning Mayor of Redondo Beach Michael A. Gin

Redondo Beach Pier: Ban businesses from use of plastic bags, utensils and styrofoam on the pier.

Everyday numerous plastic bags, utensils, cups, lids and styrofoam from restaurants, food stands and shops end up in the ocean where it poses a danger to sealife. Banning businesses on the pier from utilizing these can greatly lessen the threats to sealife and keep the beach cleaner and healthier. Together we can encourage businesses to replace their plastics with more eco friendly materials.

Letter to
Mayor of Redondo Beach Michael A. Gin
Please ban businesses on the pier from using plastic bags, utensils, and styrofoam cups and containers. Not only are these materials being improperly discarded on the beach, they are being blown from stands and trash cans into the water where sea life can ingest or become entangled in them. Many businesses are switching to environmentally friendly utensils made from vegetables and biodegradable materials. Please encourage businesses on the Redondo Pier to replace these outdated and hazardous plastic and styrofoam items with environmentally friendly, biodegradable cups, plates, bags, and utensils. Thank you for your time and consideration.