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Redmond Boundary Appeal Request - Equity Review for Communities West of 202

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First of all, we would like to thank the Redmond Boundary Committee for the progress on this extremely hard task. Our communities fully understand and support the change for the maximum benefit of the Whole Lake Washington School District.

But by looking at final recommendation on the boundary change, published on Nov 6 at, we feel that our communities west of HWY202 (Specifically Verona, Mondavio, Mondavio townhomes, and Valley estates) was NOT equally treated with the same prioritized criteria comparing to the nearby Greystone community.

We understood from the study session of the board meeting on Nov 6 that the decision to keep the Greystone community at Norman Rockwell is driven by the need to "Minimize transportation impacts" by letting some of them keep walking to school.

The facts are (Please click for further illustration):

  1. Greystone is in walking distance to BOTH Rockwell and N. Redmond within 1 mile.
  2. 2/3 of communities west of 202 are within walking distance to Rockwell ONLY, not to N. Redmond. Many of us already walk to Rockwell while a sidewalk will be built starting this Dec to encourage more from our neighborhood to walk/bike. 
  3. Commute by school bus for Communities west of 202 will be longer while the distance to N.Redmond is doubled. At the same time, bus has to drive extra 2 miles on 202 down to NE 90th st and back no matter whether there are extra students to pick up or not. The bus route cannot be shortened with the boundary change. We currently have 35 mins of drive on bus in the morning.The traffic on 202 will add another 5-10 minutes. 
  4. Because of the long commute by school bus, many residents of communities west of 202 drive to school. By going to N. Redmond with distance doubled, it will add significant amount of extra car time on congested 202 (we have over 200+ families).
  5. By the natural boundary, Greystone belongs to N.Redmond instead (all at the north of 116), and communities west of 202 belongs to Rockwell. 

According to the prioritized criteria of "Minimize transportation impacts" and "Use natural boundaries to the extent possible". We think that communities west of 202 should have higher priority to stay at Normal Rockwell comparing to Greystone/Kensington communities. Therefore, we request:

  • An equity review on evaluating communities west of 202 (Valley Estates, Verona, Mondavio & Mondavio Townhomes) and Greystone community under the same criteria. 

The solution we propose:

  • Considering the minimal impact to the final boundary recommendation,  Verona, Mondavio and Valley Estates should be swapped with the Greystone and/or Kensington neighborhoods. Both neighborhood has similar size with 200+ families. 

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