Petition Closed

Please sign this petition to protect a unique area of Mt Cotton from a proposed 'superquarry'.  This land is home to endangered fauna and flora and if approved, this quarry will permanently destroy the nature and amenity of Mt Cotton. 

Letter to
Redlands City Council
Dear Mayor and Councillors,
There is a proposal to construct and operate a quarry at Mount Cotton which has the capacity to produce 1,000,000 tonnes of quarry rock annually.

I wish to lodge an objection to the proposed Barro quarry at Mt Cotton for the following reasons:

• If approved the quarry will result in the permanent destruction of up to 70 hectares of core Koala habitat. This is a Matter of National Environmental Significance

• If approved the quarry will threaten a cloud rainforest which is a nursery for species otherwise absent in this region

• If approved this quarry will sediment runoff into California Creek, the Logan River and Moreton Bay affecting RAMSAR wetlands.

• The quarry will permanently fracture wildlife corridors between areas of remnant bushland and contribute to the fragmentation of landscapes with consequential adverse impacts on wildlife.

• There is a high risk of damage to persons, wildlife and property from fly rock from blasting activities. This risk remains unacceptably high following the application of risk treatment, due to the proximity of houses and blasting activities being undertaken at levels 30 metres higher than surrounding houses.

• There will remain a high risk to health from exposure to fine particulate and crystalline silica from quarry operations.

• If approved this quarry will result in unreasonable interference with the noise characteristics of the rural area and prevent the enjoyment of public and private open space.

• If approved this quarry will permanently destroy the nature and amenity of Mount Cotton.