RedlandCityCouncil should cater for people with disability at the new Sports&Rec Precinct

RedlandCityCouncil should cater for people with disability at the new Sports&Rec Precinct

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Julia Delaforce started this petition to Redland City Council

We founded a local community farm delivering Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) at our home and have been listed as potential stakeholders in the RCC Sports and Recreation Precinct since early 2017. Having sought Redland City Councils (RCC) town planner approval and a local lawyers advice we submitted to RCC last year our extensive plan outlaying our not for profits community farm concept.

You can imagine ours and our clients dissapointment when the RCC did not list us in the draft master planning of the precinct Jan 2020.

Surprise!...Local Council didn't support change!

Now we need your help!

With people power we have until the 19th Feb to have our say.

So what does AAI encompass and how do we achieve this?


Do you like farm animals like chickens, ducks, horses, goats and pigs?
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Do you like small businesses "working together" and collaborating on projects?
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Do you like the idea that professions such as educators, psychologists, instructors can provide thier clients with better access to nature?
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Commonly Asked Questions

1. Have you met with Council?

Yes. We have regularly advised RCC Sport and Recreation Co-ordinator, Mayor and local Councillors of our concept for our collaborative Community Farm.
We first approached council in 2017 after the closure of Thornlands local disabilty horse riding centre Calisto Park.

2. Why not 'share' the Pony Club facilities?

We sought permission from Council in 2017 to gain access to Pinklands Pony Club which supports a small group of young riders and uses the facility approx one weekend per month.
Unfortunately Council advised us that due to their leasing agreements that Council 'has no control over the Pinklands community land use and that it is soley up to the leasee to share'.
In 2017 we met with Pinklands Pony Club President and 'Live-in' Caretaker seeking to 'share' the use of the community owned facilities. Despite the club being used once a month and despite our reasonable rental terms we were respectfully told in no uncertain terms "No". 

3. Why are you considered innovative?

We've flipped the business model over! We've asked our communities likeminded small businesses professionals to share their "office" which happens to have no walls because well...its a farm. 

We believe in a sustainable working model that supports not having to rely solely on community grants to exist. 

We believe in alternative health and learning solutions in addition to mainstream.

We believe in smart city living connecting our entire community more with animals and nature, not just the able bodied and financially advantaged.

4. Why do you need a different location?

As potential stakeholders since 2017 we and our volunteers have worked painstakingly hard to build Council a 'proof of concept' at our founders small acreage property in Mount Cotton.

There are two issues with this small farm.
1. It is located on a state road which is not ideal for animal assisted therapy. (Its pretty hard to be mindful at the best of times within our urban jungle but then add a whopping truck flying past at 80km)
2. To be sustainable our current business model requires more animals such as horses. This will also allow for better working conditions for the animals.

5. What will you do with Council funded tack and roundpen if you move?

Fortunately the Mayor and Councillors funded roundpen and tack can be easily transported to a new location.

6. Do you fit the definition of recreation?


activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.

Thanks for your support!

For more to say in support of our plan you can go to

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