Bring Ocram back to Terraria!

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I believe Ocram deserves to still be in Terraria. Firstly I see only one problem with him, he is too easy to be an endgame boss. That is easy to fix, make him harder and/or have him not be the final boss or endgame. Another thing, people complain about how the weapons and armor made of Souls of Blight are just recolors. Well they did fix Dragon Armor so the could do it for the weapons. Titan Armor and Spectre Armor are already unique so that's fine. So why is he not back in with these changes? I don't know.

If he is added there will be advantages. Everyone will be able to have a taste of something different in Terraria, what's so bad about this? If he is made harder and the blight gear is strengthened you could use the gear to help beat the Moon Lord. Also how many other bosses unlock directly a set of armor for each class, I know summoner doesn't have one but there aren't many summoner sets. If he is made harder he could act as a challenge for players that can't yet defeat the Moon Lord/Lunatic Cultist. Again more reason why he should be included.

People say there is problems with certain parts of Ocram. I have looked into it and I agree yes the loot is messed up and so is the recipe for the summon item. So I propose that the developers simply have him drop either Titanium or Adanamite depending on the world or no ore at all. That would fix the loot table but the summon item still needs to be fixed, so I think someone should give the developers an idea for the new summon item. I have no idea what that should be so if any of you have TCF I will make a thread for the ideas.

I know some people don't want him. There is a easy way out of that problem, make him a optional boss. People may think, "Well some people don't want this so it would be a better idea not to add him?" No if he is a optional boss the people that don't want him don't have to fight him and the people that do, well they have him to fight! So what is your decision, add him or not? Sign if you agree he must return!