Justice for the murder of Tawana McGowan!

Justice for the murder of Tawana McGowan!

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Kyle Mcbeth
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On January 11th 2010 I found my mother (Tawana McGowan) laying face down in the snow, dead, shot in the face. In REDFORD MICHIGAN. The murderer still hasn’t been found. The police did a lackluster job investigating. The case was BOTCHED. Please help reopen her case! Help me get justice for my mom!

Please spread this around, it’s been 10 years and there has still been no justice for her death! She was an innocent loving mother and someone ended her life. There was pretty much no media coverage... there’s literally only 2 articles and a Facebook post! Now I’m 20 years old and want to bring my moms murder to justice! Wake this story UP!!! Please share! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! 

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