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Education Qld's 'Day 8' policy needs redesigning statewide

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Many schools in Qld are now in a state of flux due to "Day 8" Policy. 

When the Qld Govt took year 7 out of Qld Primary Schools and added them to Secondary schools. The staffing ratio to student Ratio was not adjusted, so smaller schools who lost a whole year level had reduced student numbers, yet the state wide  teacher to student ratio was not not dropped to reflect the change.The new student number to staffing should be around the 42- 45 mark.

I am sure it has been raised many times and of course the cost is always sited as the reason but what about education delivery- isn’t that the purpose for Education Qld.

The domino effect of schools losing teachers is not just the teacher-  we also lose teacher aid time, extra support and extension funds-  so the result is less teachers and less teacher aide time, learning support  funds etc- yet the classes are bigger and composite (multi-year levels) so one teacher has to teach  3 or 4 different year levels. This extends the teachers capacity yet there is no provision for the extra resources/ aid and support that is required for one teacher to effectively teach multi-year levels – this needs addressing.

At no time under this 'Day 8' policy does Education Qld look at the individual schools results/ areas for improvement and specific educational requirements to deliver for the students what they need. One school and Naplan( if it was held later in the year could also be a useful resourcing tool)   It would also seem, at no time  there is consideration for the staff and the instability of employment ‘Day 8’ policy causes- teachers have families and commitments- and need job security.  We have all been around long enough to know that consistency is a significant part of a good education.

Day 8 policy is such an immediate cut off- (which causes Principals to focus on budgets not teaching, disrupts students with new arrangements/ teachers, learning outcomes and staff) yet  Education Qld feels it is perfectly alright to take a week to even inform a school what their resourcing will be, or a whole school term to find a teacher.  When dealing with children's education and teachers livelihoods, the policy has to match the response time, this also needs to be addressed.

If money is the issue why is Education Qld funding schools for staffing but there were no students (approx. $150,000) as has occurred in the Darling Downs region.

This ‘Day 8’ issue is at play State Wide, and it is time the current government addresses the policy anomalies- staffing schools with no students yet can’t fund teaching resources for vibrant schools delivering fantastic education. It would seem current policies have little regard for the quality of education of our children.

We want our children to have a consistent and quality education- after all Education is our children's freedom.

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