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Redefine "women's work" and continue to empower girls and women


What does "women's work" mean to you? Back in the day, "women's work" was a belittling term, and narrowly defined as housework. We do not agree with that definition. We at World Education believe that the true value of a woman's work is measured by the knowledge, skills, and economic contributions she passes on to her family and community. We understand very well that the contributions of women, especially poor women, exponentially increase when they have access to education.

For International Women’s Day we are writing to the United States’ new Secretary of State John Kerry, and our former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. We are thanking Ms. Hillary Clinton for her leadership in advancing women’s empowerment around the world, and asking Secretary Kerry to keep up the strong focus on building the skills of girls and women. In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, add your name to this petition and join our campaign to redefine “women’s work”, and increase educational opportunities for the world’s women.

Letter to
United States Secretary of State John Kerry
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State John Kerry
The United States should continue to empower girls and women:

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton left the State Department with an impressive legacy, particularly as a fierce advocate for the rights of girls and women. For her work over the past four years, and for her efforts through initiatives such as the International Fund for Women and Girls, the Office of Global Women’s Issues, and the Equal Futures Partnership, we, the undersigned, thank Hillary Clinton for demonstrating to the world that empowering girls and women should be a priority for any country that wants a strong future.

However, much work remains to ensure that girls and women have access to the opportunities that can improve their lives. We believe that investing in the education of girls and women not only helps them unlock their full potential, but benefits society as a whole. An educated woman is healthier, more able to protect herself, and more able to provide for herself and her family. She in turn makes informed choices that ensure the health, safety and education of her children. This is our redefinition of "women's work."

In his confirmation speech, Secretary John Kerry vowed to support gender equality and guarantee that women and girls are afforded full rights and equal opportunity. As he leads the United States’ foreign policy for the next four years, we urge Secretary Kerry to continue Secretary Clinton’s work as a champion for girls and women. We are counting on Secretary Kerry to focus on initiatives that build the skills and knowledge of girls and women, so that they can do their work to reduce poverty and promote gender quality worldwide.

In accordance with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, we support girls’ and women’s education as a means towards sustainable prosperity and gender equality. In Secretary Clinton’s Farewell Speech, she said that advancing the rights of girls and women is “the unfinished business of the 21st century.” Join our campaign to redefine women’s work! We are confident that, with the ongoing support of our nation’s leaders, together we can finish the job.

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