Petition Closed should be responsible enough to take down the section hosted on their website known as The Red Pill, especially in light of the recent incident in California, USA on Friday 23 May 2014.

It is important that the section of, known as The Red Pill, site is removed because internet users using their site are creating offensive material of hatred and discrimination against women, which is publicly hosted on their site and servers; these sort of opinions and views have no place on publicly viewable webpages for all to see, and should take the responsibility to remove the forums completely, just as they would and should do if extremely offensive material which insights hatred and discrimination.

The killer of the recent murder spree in California, USA -  Elliot Roger - used terminology very similar to that of the forums of The Red Pill in his videos on, recorded just before he committed to his "restitution" for being a virgin and how this was humanity's and particularly womens' fault. This forum fosters this mentality and makes it appear to be acceptable, which it is not.

These forums have no productive or positive purpose, and needs to take responsibility for hosting offensive material and remove it.

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  • Tech/Admin Email of needs to remove The Red Pill from their website immediately

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