Make redBus App Accessible for People with Blindness

Make redBus App Accessible for People with Blindness

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Why this petition matters

Redbus is one of the most popular apps which is used for booking tickets.

10 million [1 crore] people have downloaded the APP.

Specially during the time of pandemic, when people are unable to go out to book the tickets in emergency to travel, apps which are used to book tickets online are helpful.

Since large section of people are using Redbus,  some of the accessibility issues while using the app will limit the reach to Visually impaired.

People with visually impairment need to depend on others while using the app as some of the buttons are not labeled [name] specially while selecting the seats

Sometimes it is so difficult to get help from others specially during emergency people are not available to help out using this app which leads the V I users to switch to other alternative and more accessible app like Abhibus.


Advantages of making this app accessible:
By making it accessible, following things can be improve.

1 can reach to large section of people by making it user friendly.

2 can increase the brand value.

3 can increase positive rate.

4 avoiding discrimination in terms of giving equal opportunity for everyone to use the app.

Thus by considering all the points and make this app accessible it will benefit both the company in terms of profit and the users specially persons from V I community.

so, please support to make this app inclusive.

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!