Redbridge Council to introduce "No Cold Calling Zone" for Ridgeway Gardens

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Dear Resident of Ridgeway Gardens

We are writing to ask whether you are interested in supporting our call to the Council to set up a “No Cold Calling Zone” for Ridgeway Gardens. At present, “No Cold Calling Zones” exist in four areas of Clayhall but Ridgeway Gardens is not included within the zone.

Through the introduction of the “No Cold Calling Zone”, we want to see the residents, Met Police, Trading Standards and Enforcement Officers adopting a combined approach to keep our properties clear of unwanted visitors.

With crime levels in Clayhall having reached unprecedented levels, combined with the number of vulnerable residents living both on Ridgeway Gardens and within the ward of Clayhall, we are keen to ensure everything possible is done to keep the area as secure as possible.

We would also ask the Council to erect clear and permanent signs on Ridgeway Gardens to warn potential cold-calling or bogus traders that they are unwelcome with strong action to follow against anyone who breaches these warnings.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, please do sign the petition.


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