Red Rover on Quad, Tuesday 4/26/2022

Red Rover on Quad, Tuesday 4/26/2022

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jimmy Applebaum

As young adults growing up in the 21st century we were told to stay inside and not participate in rough housing. Were you ever told that it was too dangerous to leave the comfort of your home? Did that same home slowly transform into a prison? Were you told that you couldn't go play with your new friend, Greg, that you met only an hour ago  to go on a trip to the 7/11 that was a mile away? Well, seeing that we are adults now we can break those chains that kept us down.

Where: The American University Quad

When: Tuesday, 4/26/2022, 5:15 PM

The name of the Game: Red Rover

Red Rover is played by a large group of people separated into two teams. Each team is made up of individuals links by clasped hands. One team calls out "Red Rover, Red Rover, send (name of person or just someone) over!".  That named individual then proceeds to run towards the opposing team, attempting to break the chain.

If this individual is able to break the chain, they get to chose one of the two "broken links" to join their team. If the runner is able to break the chain, they join the chain of people that they were trying to break. The game is won when all of the individuals of the opposing team becomes part of the larger chain.

Our time is now. We must assemble en masse to fight the societal constraints that restrict us. When we became AU students we agreed to never runaway from problems. When problems arise we accept them.

Will you accept this challenge.


18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!