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In the past 3 months multiple cars have been getting tires slashed, windows broke, egged, people are being robbed at gun-point and lets face it if you don't see a empty wallet, handbag and papers trailing down the stairs by the garage. We pay a ridiculous amount to live here yet we have no cameras and no security expect our "courtesy" officers that i've never seen beside take up parking spots on the street. God forbid were a day late for rent they have no problem charging a late fee, but when it comes to our safety and our personal property they do nothing. SO with that being said I started a Petition against Red Road and hopefully if we get enough signatures and bring it to their attention maybe something good will come out of this. Sorry to bother everyone, but i think it will benefit all of us. We shouldn't have to worry about our cars while were home for Christmas break. So if everyone can take a minute to sign this I would really appreciate it! 

Letter to
Red Road Commons Apartment Complex
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Nicole Palumbo and I have been a tenant in good standing in apartment B111 since June 15, 2010. I am writing to you today to express my heightened level of anxiety regarding the lack of sufficient security within the Red Road apartment complex. I have been a resident to Red Road Commons for over three years and have witnessed the steady increase in criminal activity due to the lack of security presence. Residents including myself are growing tired and impatient of the lackadaisical attitude Management has towards fixing this problem. Our residence has become conducive to a number of illegal incidents most notably the vandalism, car burglaries, nonresident loitering and harassment, panhandling and even robberies at gunpoint.

It is now at a point where I am fearful of being victimized in my own community and no longer safe in my home. Red Road Commons is continuing to spiral out of control and it is unfair for me to live with this level of fear that could easily be mitigated with adequate security measures. Installing security cameras in the garages, hiring security detail to monitor the gate or even hanging signs that say the place is under surveillance are among some of the few actions that should be taken to prevent the ongoing crime. Something needs to be done immediately.

I go to great lengths to ensure a safe home for myself and it frustrates me managements’ lack of initiative in helping me preserve that home. I pay a premium rate to live in this development and need to believe that everything is being done to protect me and my personal property from potential harm, I think I deserve it. I need your help in this matter. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nicole Palumbo

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