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Stop the over development of West St Paul

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There are many problems West St. Paul is facing from the bus depot to the lack of communication from council. My goal is to bring awareness to the city like housing units going up within West St. Paul.

The St. Benedict's monastery land is to be cleared - around 10 acres of healthy thriving forest with wildlife, and 8 houses per acre put up on the 40 acres of land that they are planning to develop on. There is also to be multi-use buildings and multi-family homes. Roughly around 320 houses could go up in the small amount of space; meaning if there is an average of 3 people per household, were looking at almost 1000 more people in our area alone. Not only are we paying more taxes each and every year, we now have to put up with years of development and fighting for what's right. Noise, light and sound pollution are what's to come for our municipality and it is sickening that our mayor has the audacity to ruin our community. Mr. Henley is rather short when it comes to listening to residents and is not particularly helpful when trying to get information. West St. Paul used to be perfect for those who wanted to escape the city, it now is turning into part of the city and it's about time we stand up for our community.

The amount of wildlife that will be displaced with the removal of the 10 acres of forested land is a major concern, we can't expect the animals to disperse out of the area when we are removing their natural habitat. 

Instead of putting up housing we should be thinking about green initiatives; using it for community gardening projects, putting in a park with a soccer field for children, making it the first fenced dog park in West St. Paul or even using the space for all of the above would be more suitable options for our community rather than filling land with housing that would overcrowd our street and destroying a healthy forest.
Please sign and help our community grow in a proper way, where residents have a say in what goes on without decisions being made behind closed doors. It's time for change!

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