Bring back Michael Jackson songs to radio playlists

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It appears that your decision to remove Michael’s music from your playlists, is due to allegations made in a recent documentary & we remind you that Michael Jackson had his day in a court of law and was found NOT GUILTY of any wrong-doing & died an INNOCENT man in 2009.

Although abuse allegations are serious this documentary was one sided with two men who have contradicted themselves with their stories many times in the past.. 

Their case was thrown out twice and its only when they came into financial difficulties that they changed their stories and decided to sue Michael's estate for millions of Dollars..

This documentary is unfair and being taken at face value, he is being wiped from everything and all the good he done with both his music and humanitarian work is just being forgotten.. He was misunderstood because we have never seen anyone like him in this world, he was the biggest popstar in the world which made him and even bigger target... 

We should all be allowed to make our own decisions on weather we want to continue to listen to his music or not and unless it is proven that these two men are telling the truth then he is INNOCENT until proven otherwise..

Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons

Facts don't lie, people do



Since its airing the men's allegations have been proven false by actual facts. It's not fans just believing his innocent because of his music there are evidential facts to prove they are lying. I can provide you with them if you like but here are two very worth while videos showing a lot of them..