In the face of the pandemic Covid-19, RDC student final exams should be canceled.

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As an RDC student body, we believe that in the face of this pandemic, it will be difficult to assess students in a fair and productive manner.  Online education can be difficult for many students who simply cannot comprehend as well through that format.  For these students, the choice of whether or not to take an online class was never granted to them.  This gives students who can adapt better to online classes a greater chance of success which is unfair to a struggling student.  Online education does not accommodate students who learn interactively and need to be engaged in a kinesthetic manner.  Online learning does not accommodate for different types of learners and thus promotes unfair advantages.  

We are so grateful to our professors, who have worked diligently over the past week to prepare online lectures.  To you, we express our gratitude.  However, given the stress of the circumstances, we feel that finals should be canceled in full.  It is extremely difficult to focus on education when we do not know what's to come.

Students this term should be given a final letter grade based on their course work done up until the final exam.  This way we can account for the learning that was done throughout the semester with the absence of stress that could be detrimental to a student's mental health brought about by final exams. 

We care about this issue and our students at RDC.  If you feel the same way, we invite you to sign this petition.  Together we can make it through the uncertainty of Covid-19.

To see other concerns students have and the reason that they have signed, look below at student comments.  Feel welcome to express any opinions you may have regarding the topic as well!  We are stronger when we come together as a community.