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Allow parents the discretion of choosing to Opt Out their child from taking standardized tests.

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Currently the Red Clay Consolidated School District has no policy in place to allow a parent the right to refuse standardized testing for his or her child. However, the Board of Education will vote on a resolution on April 15th supporting a parent's right to opt out. 

The topic of a child's right to opt out of standardized tests has been a mainstream headline across our Nation as schools continue to try to enforce the rigorous material.  The way schools operate under the new system often limits the teaching ability of the educators and funnels money directly out of the schools hands and into the testing market for preparatory materials and for scoring as well. These tests were designed to assess students and hold teachers, schools, districts and states accountable for their performance but these strenuous exams have come to define education for many kids. It has been reported on average, students take 113 such tests between pre-kindergarten and 12th grade.

 States and districts within each state that participates in the Common Core have been trying to find resolution which will allow a parent to excuse a student from taking the tests.  Perhaps Red Clay will lead the way for Delaware.

As per the State of Delaware Department of Education, Delaware Code requires that all students be assessed in grades 3–8 and high school and that school districts/charters cannot exclude students from the state assessment.  We are told that by current Delaware Department of Education law, no matter the student's emotional, mental, or physical limits, there is no way to say "No" to testing.  

Federal law requires states that receive funds under Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to implement assessments in each school district/charter that include math, reading or language arts, and science. Assessments must be implemented in grades 3–8 and in at least one high school grade in grades 10–12 for reading/language arts and math. A science assessment must be administered at least once in grades 3–5, 6–9, and 10–12. To comply with the federal law, Delaware administers science assessments in grades 5, 8, and 10. In accordance with state law, Delaware also administers Social Studies in grades 4, 7, and once in high school. The act requires that the state assessments must provide for the participation of all students in the tested grades. Districts/charters and schools that do not receive Title I funds are still required to administer assessments to all of their students. 

It is difficult to believe that our schools have been "bought out" by our government, but that is exactly what has happened when we chose to participate in President Obama’s multi-billion dollar Race to the Top Grant and when we adopted the "Common Core" curriculum. This proposal was supposed to decrease the gaps in our international achievement and racial achievement.  Instead, it has created a corporate school environment where Principals and teachers are no longer in command of the materials they choose to use to teach with or the methods they are allowed to teach by.  Each year more money is being spent on standardized test preparatory books, tests and scoring of the tests.  Yes, none of that is free!!!!

Last week at the March 18th Board Meeting, school Board Member Adriana Bohm brought this sensitive subject up with a powerful presentation and  Board President Kenneth Rivera said he supports such a move.

Today I ask that you call or email our Board of Directors and tell them to vote "yes" to support a parent's right to Opt-Out.  Better yet, come to the Board Meeting on April 15th and tell them in person!!!!!

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