The Black People’s Political Ultimatum

The Black People’s Political Ultimatum

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The use of deadly force by law enforcement against unarmed Americans, namely Black Americans is disgusting and atrocious, to say the least.

Biden/Harris can’t win this election without the Black vote= #FACT

- That means that they need us in the worst way but they are currently treating us “like they got it like that” regarding our vote for them.

- It’s time to send the Democratic Nominees for President and Vice President a message.

Together, let’s give Biden/Harris an ultimatum!

- In exchange for Black America’s VOTE, the Biden/Harris Democratic Ticket for the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election, will have to agree in writing that once elected, Joe Biden must sign an Executive Order on Day 1(sound familiar) that simply states: “Any law enforcement officer that uses deadly force on any unarmed US Citizen, will immediately lose their job, face criminal charges that will include, but not limited to, murder and/or attempted murder and will also lose their pension.” 

- If our ultimatum is not agreed to in writing, we as Black people, will stay home on Election Day. That’s right. STAY HOME.

- If our ultimatum is agreed to but not executed once elected, then no part of Biden/Harris, together or separate, will be elected back into office during the 2024 election cycle.


- You might say that staying home is not an option considering that we definitely don’t want to have the current administration continue for a 2nd Term. Well, here’s our challenge:

- Remember when I said that the Biden/Harris campaign treats us “like they got it like that” regarding our vote? How exactly does that make you feel? No need to explain. I know all too well. Biden/Harris haven’t made a covenant with Black people in America that is truly meaningful. They are grinning in our faces because they know they are getting a free ride based on the assumption that we don’t want a 2nd Term for the Trump Administration. Hence, why they haven’t stated exactly what they would do for Black people once elected. Again, we are getting the short end of the stick with no directives that would produce positive results for our lives in America.

Together, let’s give them an ultimatum now and hear what they have to say, if they respond at all. The ultimatum will put them on notice that we’re not having it and that we are willing to risk it all. Why? Because it’s now or never to gain respect for ourselves and respect from a party who claims to “do right by us” but ever once elected, no one Black is ever lifted out of poverty based on their policies. We’re always left out of opportunity, better education and even worse, the conversation. It’s a bad relationship and it needs to be leveled up ASAP.

Politics is cycle-to-cycle. There is not one politician who only wants 1 term. We as Black people have the only key to their success. Now is the time to hone in its power and wield it to our advantage.

There is no loss on our side. Whether it’s Biden/Harris or the current administration,  without the Executive Order previously stated, shooting and killing of unarmed people, namely Black people, at the hands of law enforcement, will continue at will.

The question is: BLACK PEOPLE! ARE YOU READY TO MAKE THE DEM TICKET GIVE US SOMETHING VALUABLE FOR OUR VOTE or just let them use and abuse us like they have been for generations❓‼️

It’s our move to make! Let’s MAKE IT COUNT!

Sign and share this ultimatum petition with all of your networks. Our goal is to have at least 1 million signatures by October 10th 2020. Once we reach our goal, it will be presented to Biden/Harris for their response and we will go from there IN UNISON!

Our VOTE is extremely valuable! We have nothing to lose because NOTHING has been offered or promised to us from Biden/Harris.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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