Recycling: One Step to Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Recycling: One Step to Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

June 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rejeanne Lasheras

Objective: We all want a better future for our children and we can't achieve that with all the increasing waste produced each year. This petition aims to encourage people to start recycling now inside their homes. Everyone needs to do their part in making recycling a success.  No matter how small of a step this is, we can still make a change and help the Earth to get better.


The population is growing with each passing day resulting in an increase in the amount of waste created. The greater the amount of waste produced, the more area is necessary to dump it. Keep in mind that the amount of space available on Earth is limited. The ever-increasing population requires areas for housing and agriculture. The survival of humanity on this planet would be extremely difficult if all of this space were taken up by dumpsters and landfills. Recycling helps to tackle this problem since it reduces the amount of waste discharged and saves valuable space. Recycling is beneficial for the environment since we utilize old and trash things that are no longer useful and then convert them into new products. With recycling, we are helping to reduce pollution by conserving resources and sending less rubbish to landfills. If we don't recycle, there will be an increase in pollution with all these wastes going around both in the air, land, and water. Aside from that, dumpsters will overflow with all the waste being thrown even if we can recycle and reuse it. All of us will be affected if this happens, resulting in small areas of living and diseases from too much pollution.

Why Recycle?
1. It helps in keeping the environment clean
2. It reduces the amount of waste produced
3. It helps in the conservation of many non-renewable resources
4. It prevents landfills and incinerators from getting extremely overloaded
5. It helps in creating new job opportunities
6. It restrains the hunt for raw materials

What we can do?
1. Remove all waste from your home that is no longer useful. Buy an appropriate container for each recyclable item and bring it to your nearest recycling facility.
2. Plastic bags and plastic paper should be avoided as much as possible. They not only contaminate the environment but also contribute to dump overflow. Also, when shopping, opt for products with the least amount of packaging.
3. Purchasing recycled products might provide a significant boost to the recycling industry. Purchasing recycled paper or glass products not only helps to reduce waste products but also helps to promote the recycling industry.

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Signatures: 10Next Goal: 25
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