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“I was stopped from visiting my Father”
Family member of resident

“I was transferred to a mental health facility after I complained about the care” Resident

“I was not allowed to visit my Mother after I complained"

“I survived the Holocaust but don’t think I will survive this”
Recently passed resident

Over the past few months, complaints and allegations OF ELDER ABUSE have been openly discussed and privately whispered about Jewish Care Victoria. These have gained momentum and have led to this petition.  These allegations have not been made by one or two individuals but by many current and past residents and families.

Some allegations include:

  • Substandard food served to residents
  • Incontinence pads left soiled and unchanged
  • Water unavailable to residents
  • End of Life medications used against the expressed wishes of family
  • Family isolated and banned from visiting loved ones
  • Applications to remove loved ones as Guardians
  • Hatzolah refused entry and subsequent passing of resident
  • Suspicious Death of a resident and family not correctly notified of circumstances
  • CEO Thoughts of self-harm
  • Shortage of qualified staff family
  • Bullying by staff
  • Police intimidation and more

 In addition, a letter was sent to us highlighting other concerns:

  • Alleged poor quality of food served;
  • Allegations of residents going to bed hungry as food is inedible or residents not fed if asleep;
  • An allegation that residents were nearly electrocuted due to live wires being exposed for days in their bedroom;
  • Allegations call bells requests have been left unanswered or wait times excessive;
  • Allegations about security. Allegations of the facility left unlocked at night and lack of safety during the day;
  • Allegations of staff not following hygiene requirements. Allegations of cleanliness not up to standard and bugs and cobwebs visually sighted by family. In addition, allegations of towels and dishes left in rooms for days on end;
  • This has led to allegations of Kosher supervision and control being placed into question. The fear of mixing cutlery and the confusion of kosher and non-kosher rooms a concern for many;
  • An allegation of major falls by residents due to lack of supervision;
  • Allegations of medication not delivered in a timely manner;
  • Allegations of staff turnover not only distressing the residents but also affecting the continuity of the facility;
  • Allegations the new works on the new building being disruptive and impacting the emotional well being of the residents;
  • Allegations on our most holy of days and Sabbaths, staff at a minimum and insufficient staff available to supervise residents at the Synagogue;
  • When these allegations were raised by some, families allege they were blackmail, threatened and bullied into submission. Others state they received threats of legal consequences. In addition, some have stated that residents are being bullied by other resident family members.
  • An allegation the COO described himself as a blue-eyed blond person, which frightened some of the residents present into reliving the memories of the Nazis in the Shoah. Apparently, the facility was notified of this and witness exist to confirm this incident;
  • Allegedly a resident’s son and his wife were assaulted, hand cuffed by police.  The Son had his shoulder broken by Police when he was protecting his mother from being medication that was not prescribed on medication chart. That nurse is apparently still employed at the facility in a new position;
  • An allegation a resident’s family have made reports to Police to investigate and, if allegations proved beyond reasonable doubt, press charges against the facility;
  • An allegation a son of a resident was being coerced by the facility to sign a confidentiality agreement or face the real threat of removing all the son’s rights over his loved one;
  • An allegation a resident suffering MND was left all night in pain after having his eyes washed in T tree oil. He was found in the morning unconscious by his carer;
  • An allegation made today that at level 3 dining area in the entertaining dining area, a clip had fallen out and the safety of the residents are at risk. Apparently, a private carer alerted staff as no management and reception were available at 4pm. This is a common allegation made. 

Elder abuse is a serious issue in our community and the Royal Commissions into Aged Care and Disability are highlighting that these are NOT just issues that happen in a family environment but in many cases, at an institutional level. We have an inherent obligation to report these allegations.

If any of this has happened to you a family member a friend a associate you need to speak out NOW!

One of the most frightening and common allegations is the fact many people are too scared to speak out as they fear legal retribution.




King Solomon once said there is a time to speak and a time to keep silent. 

Do not sit silent now is the time to speak out 

If not now when?

When it’s too late!

We the undersigned express our alarm at the evidence of elder abuse occurring the aged facilities operated by Jewish Care Victoria (JCV). 

We demand that the Board of JCV and senior management attend a public meeting to listen to concerns and grievances and answers questions of residents, families, staff and volunteers (past and present) and to explain what changes they will make to the current practices to ensure that the type of abuses identified in this petition and in the meeting do not continue. 

Please sign and share this petition and feel free to add your views and experiences below.