Open up Swkellipil Site (West Chehalis) for all - User maintained Site

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As some of you may know, Skwellipil Recreation Site on the west side of beautiful Chehalis Lake, BC was recently changed to a "wilderness walk-in" camp site only.  They have now permanently gated the entrance and access is only for ATVs, dirtbikes or hikers.

This site has 52 sites for RVs, Trailers, Campers and day-users.  People like myself have been enjoying this site for over 30 years as a child and growing up.  I now have a family of my own and wanted to take them to this spot to enjoy.  I unfortunately can't do this now because of this closure....what a shame to waste 52 sites in such a beautiful area.  Not only is it a waste, but it creates a lot more congestion for other camp sites in the area.

 I am proposing to keep it open as a user maintained site, and possibly for a group to get involved to do a tri-annual cleanup (if this is the reason for the closure).


Join me in the fight to keep this place open for ALL to enjoy and remove the gate.